Top 5 Instagram Takeaways in 2019

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2019 has been a busy year for Instagram. Updates and changes have evolved the platform and optimized the app experience for both users and brands. Changes have ranged from helping facilitate shopping in the app to taking steps to reduce social pressure on the platform. As we head into 2020, it can be hard to remember all the updates and changes that have been made throughout the year. To help refresh your memory, we have rounded up the five most important Instagram takeaways in 2019 for social media influencers and marketers.

Top 5 Instagram Takeaways in 2019 | Social Media Marketing | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida


  • Quiz Stickers: Instagram added quiz stickers to allow users to answer questions. Getting insight from your audience has never been easier.
  • Polls: Use quick polls to see what your audience prefers and to gauge their interests in products.
  • Questions: This sticker allows users to ask you any questions. You can ask your own question or select one from the available choices.
  • Countdown sticker: This new sticker option adds countdowns to your post. You can use this sticker to promote an upcoming sale or a new product. Users also can follow the countdown and receive automatic alerts.


There is a wide range of different ad formats from which to choose, including feed-style images, promoted Instagram Stories, and more. Now you can even conduct test runs with the Instagram “Similar Audience" feature to expose new users to your brand.

3. CHECKOUT on Instagram

Checkout on Instagram is a feature that has been tested with some companies. This feature allows users to shop and purchase a product without ever leaving the app. It will likely become more relevant and more accessible in 2020.


Data shows that usage of the #Ad hashtag on Instagram increased by 33% compared to Q2 of 2018. Instagram has made it easier for users to shop on the app and get the items sported by content creators. Instagram influencers can now tag items within their posts to enable in-stream shopping, via "Shopping for Creators."


Instagram started testing the hiding of likes in Canada, and then expanded the test to six other countries. With hidden likes, only the posters can see how many likes their posts have received. Instagram allegedly wants people to focus on the quality of what they share, instead of fishing for likes. This would be a huge change for social media marketers. We expect to hear more about the future of Instagram likes in 2020.


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