Should You Cross Post to Multiple Social Networks?

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Should you use the same content when you post to multiple social networks? We’ll give you the short answer ... No! But why? Let’s take a look at cross posting social media content, so you can ramp up your social media strategy - and results.

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What Is Cross Posting?

When cross posting social media content, you use the exact same message regardless of platform. Facebook is the same as Twitter, which is the same as Instagram … you get the idea. So, let’s say you have a great new eBook available for download on your website. You want to spread the word. Great! So you post the same headline with the caption with the same link to all your social media accounts.

Not so great!

Why? Since consistency across all platforms is essential for brands, doesn’t cross posting make sense? And since it saves you time (you write one post, for example, instead of three or four), doesn’t it make sense? And since you can do it so easily via simultaneous posting options, doesn’t it make sense?

Nope. Sorry! There are only a few situations in which cross posting does, in fact, make sense. For example, if you’re trying out new types of copy or branding imagery, cross posting is a method that allows you to test them - so you can customize future posts.

The reason behind this is that your followers will be different across channels. With Facebook, maybe you catch an older demographic. They’re looking for connection, information, and opinions from those they trust. With Instagram, you may be able to engage a younger audience who is looking for inspiration and ideas. With Twitter, you can grab the attention of fast-paced professionals.

They consume different types of content; they have different social media and spending habits. To appeal to them effectively, you need to tailor your content to their needs and preferences.

And even if you do have people who follow you across two or more channels, cross posting social media content can make your brand seem lazy or as if you don’t care about taking the time to create unique posts.

A Strategic Solution: Cross Promoting or Cross Sharing

It is a massive job to plan platform-specific strategies for each social media channel you use and post to multiple social media networks. You can make it a bit easier and more streamlined by cross sharing or cross promoting content. Let’s use the eBook example again. If you want to promote it, use the same link, but tailor the posts to capture the attention of the specific audience.

The “why” remains the same: you want to drive people to your site to download the eBook. The “how” changes to accommodate the audiences you’re trying to reach.

At its core, a cross promotional message will be the same, but it is crafted in such a way that it resonates with the specific audience.

Social media is time-consuming, especially when you’re working to create multiple strategies and post to multiple social media networks. THAT Agency can help you manage your social media, so you can get back to work! Contact us today.

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