10 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest

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Pinterest just celebrated reaching over 200 million users making this social media platform a force to match. Pinterest began in 2010 and has witnessed explosive growth over short period of time. If used properly, you can drive traffic to your website helping customers find you and convert. Are you getting the most of your presence on Pinterest? If not, here are 10 tips to optimize your Pinterest business account:

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1. Set Up Your Business Account- If you are a business or your main objective is to drive traffic to your website to make money you should utilize your Pinterest under a business profile account.

It is easy to set up and you can convert from a personal account to a business profile if you already have one set up. Pinterest business accounts come with a variety of benefits including:

                - A Company Display Name

                - Access to a Library of Marketing Content

                - Eligibility to Get Verified

                - Hold Contests

                - Utilize Analytics on Your Pin Performance

2. Fill in Your Business Information- Pretty straight forward, but make sure you fill out all the fields, so people know how to connect with you. Your profile should include:

                - About Your Business

                - Contact Information

                - A Link to Your Website

                - Bio (Explain your business in 160 characters or less)

3. Add URL links to your Pins Back to Your Website- When posting new pins, make sure you are linking to the correct pages on your website to make it a seamless experience for customers to convert if they click to your site. This may seem simple but many over-look it and miss out on opportunities to sell.

4. Track Content Being Pinned by Other Users from Your Website- Keep a close eye on your competitors and what we mean by competitors is the pins your customers are pinning. See what catches their attention, you may not have the same thing to offer but you can analyze their strategy and implement it on your profile. For example, are certain images and webpages more popular than others?

5. Consistently update your Pinterest Boards and Cover Images- Rearrange your boards to keep the most relevant board at the top. For instance, if the board is “Christmas Gifts on A Budget” you may want to move that to the top during November-January, so it is the first thing your customers notice when they come to your profile. Afterwards you can move it back down and replace it with the next new or time relevant board.

Also make sure to pick an intriguing cover image for your board not just one that is automatically selected. This gives your audience a preview of what the board has to offer.

6. Run Ads on Pinterest-Running ads on Pinterest is a good way to make sure eyes are getting on your most important offer and to the right people. You can target your ads and use analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and going to on your site. Make sure you stay on top and adjust accordingly.

7. Try Using Rich Pins- What are rich pins? They are similar to Google rich snippets- they are pins within pins with HTML coding allowing users to click and find real-time pricing and stock information. It helps covert prospects into customers.

8. Optimize Your Pins for SEO- optimizing your pins is just as important as optimizing your website to get ranked and noticed. Using hashtags, backlinks, long-tail keywords, Pin-it buttons, and tracking click-throughs are all things you can add to your pin to make sure it is being seen by the right people.

9. Pay Attention to Your Pin Images- much like Instagram, Pinterest is competing for the best first-impression. Make sure you chose eye-catching images. It is the book cover to the information being stored within the pin.

10. Follow the Pinterest Blog- the Pinterest blog keeps you up to date with the newest releases and features to the platform. Its your perfect source to get in on new ways to leverage your Pinterest.

When you are consistent with Pinterest much like other social media platforms, you will definitely get back what your put in. The more your pin and optimize for your audience the more sales, pins, and traffic you will acquire. If you need support with your Pinterest strategy or leveraging your social media channels to get more website traffic we can help! Contact us today! Click here to contact!

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