What to Expect When Onboarding a New Marketing Agency

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Hiring a new digital marketing agency? This could be a great strategic move! Many companies are looking to grow their online sales, but they're not sure how to move forward. There's so much technology and skill involved. 

Client Onboarding Process

 On boarding a New Digital Marketing Agency

One study found the average time just to create a blog has increased from two hours and twenty four minutes three years ago to three hours and sixteen minutes today. That increase is directly due to the complex nature of online marketing today. And that’s one aspect of your overall plan! When you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, though, better client on boarding processes can help make the relationship work. Wondering what that involves? Take a look.


It Begins with Access

The digital marketing agency you choose will need to access a number of documents, pieces of information, and other data (including your culture/brand identity) to make sure they're on track with your needs and goals.

It begins with Google Analytics. This will help them see what's happened on your website in terms of visitors in the past. If you don't already have a Google Analytics account, you can always ask your new agency to set it up for you and give you administrative access.

Google AdWords is the second thing your new company will want access too. Even if they're not handling AdWords marketing for you, access still matters because it can help your digital marketing agency understand what search terms are working and which ones aren't, which is important in overall SEO.

You will also want to grant access to your social media accounts. Again, even if they're not handling your social media for you, giving your new digital marketing agency the insight they need will help you build your presence across social media. (You do not have to make them admins though.)

Your website is the last space your marketing agency will want to access. They will want to manage your on-page SEO, and the only way to do that is through the website.


Goal Setting

The next step in the process of on boarding is to sit down with your digital marketing company and set some goals for your site and your marketing. Be really honest about what you're expecting from them in terms of overall marketing or even sales goals. If your goals aren't where they should be in terms of budget, they'll let you know.

This process can only start when you share your sales figures and other information they may need to know. Remember, your marketing agency is your partner, and letting them know exactly where you stand is an absolute must. If you've been working with another agency, bring that information to the table as well.


Create a Communication Schedule

The last step in the process is to build a communication schedule so both of you know exactly when to plan on regular updates. Understand what deliverables will be available at each meeting, and decide whether to handle the meetings face to face or through digital channels. You can typically request a meeting as often as once a week if you're more comfortable with that schedule than a quarterly update.

Choosing to work with a dedicated digital marketing agency may be the best decision you'll ever make, but working through these key steps in the first days is a great way to get the relationship off on the right foot.

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