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MSP lead generation on LinkedIn isn't as intimidating as it sounds. If you're already familiar with LinkedIn, you already have a leg up on understanding it. LinkedIn lead generation strategy has more to do with consistency than anything else. It doesn't require a huge resource investment if you already have a strong inbound marketing strategy being implemented.

MSP Lead Generation on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Use LinkedIn

The first step to MSP lead generation on LinkedIn is simply to use the account regularly. This familiarizes you with the tool and connects you with a range of prospective leads.

Post Updates

You don't necessarily want to post your content immediately on LinkedIn. Wait until content is a few weeks old before posting it. The key is to post regularly so there's always new material for potential leads to read.

Upgrade the Account

It's only a small fee to upgrade the LinkedIn account. It's well worth it because it opens up a range of additional features. This includes the ability to send messages through InMail even to those outside your network. This is crucial in any LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

Profile Details

Convey a fully detailed profile. Leads are looking for professionalism on a service like LinkedIn. A profile that's only half-filled out does not communicate a level of thoroughness that a managed services provider needs to have. Include a good profile picture, and add a video. It can be relatively quick, but it should introduce you, your experience in the industry, and it look professional.

Choose Keywords

Use a set grouping of keywords in your profile. Perhaps these are, “Managed Services,” IT provider,” “Florida.” Repeat them (in sensible ways) across your profile. Use some of these keywords in your headline, position titles, and summary.

Speak to the Perfect Client

You're writing for everybody. There are two ways of doing this. You can try writing for all potential clients at once, in which case you're not writing in a specific and engaging way. If you write for everybody, you're writing for nobody in particular.

The second way is to write for the perfect client. Advertise to them. The perfect client may not exist, but this is how everyone reading envisions themselves and their organization. If you write to what every client strives for, you'll write for everybody.

Research Leads

LinkedIn allows you to skip a number of steps you'd normally take in converting leads. You don't need to worry about gated content or conversion forms. You already have a prospect's name, organization, and additional information. Research your high-quality leads so that you're familiar with their role.

Lead Collection

Lead Collection is a LinkedIn Ads feature. It enables an advertiser to collect leads through ad campaigns on the platform. If a LinkedIn member clicks on the ad, they're immediately given the option to Request Contact. They can communicate with you right away.

Share Information

It's possible that a lead is already engaged as a result of another marketing strategy. Automate a way to compare any list you develop against your marketing teams. This way, you can quickly assess which route to use and avoid two different strategies running up against each other.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth on LinkedIn drives sales. Join groups that are focused on tech topics that you can help answer. If your account becomes a trusted voice in these groups, then the brand itself becomes trusted. That puts you on the shortlist when various members look for IT services.

Respond Quickly

Every inquiry and comment deserves a response. This helps people feel engaged. They're more likely to continue engaging if they feel like they're getting these responses. It doesn't always have to be complex. Say, “Thank you,” if they compliment you, or “You're welcome,” if they thank you for content.

If they do ask a complex question, try to answer in a concise way. This is also a great way to link them to further content that addresses their question.

Follow Up Regularly

It's tempting to chase new leads, but don't do this at the expense of old ones. MSP lead generation on LinkedIn shares a big truth with leads on other platforms. You need to nurture the lead. Managed services is a major business decision that involves the go-ahead from multiple people in an organization. It can change the technological backbone that an organization relies upon. Be patient and take the time to nurture old leads. Be available to them; these are the ones closer to closing. If you're always chasing new leads without coming to a decision point with old ones, you'll never get any decisions.

Develop a Schedule

Social media can often feel like a “when I get to it” proposition. And while that may be true in people's personal lives, it can't work that way for business. Your content sharing should be scheduled well ahead of time. Your follow ups should be scheduled. There should be time to respond to comments. Everything that's a component to your LinkedIn lead generation strategy needs to be done regularly. That's how others come to rely upon you, and you can't convince someone to rely on your managed services if they can't rely on you.

Treat it as Business Social Media, not Personal

A schedule will also prevent the process from becoming unpredictable or stressful for you. It is one front of many in your strategy, so you don't want it to take over too much time or energy – as we all know social media can. It is work that is part of a marketing strategy, so treat it with the same professionalism. Don't start checking it alongside your personal social media or always have it open in the background. Maintain a business tone and compartmentalize it in your life as a part of business.


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