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6 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Posted at Jul 26, 2018 2:48:00 PM by thatagency | Share

Landing pages: they're a must if you want consistently high conversion rates, yet so many sites ignore their power in favor of sending visitors to their standard home page. After all, you likely want those visitors from your email, social media, or PPC campaign to do something specific, right? It could be as simple as capturing that email address, but you can't do that without a dedicated landing page. Once you have that, you'll begin to gather the conversion rate data you need to optimize it.

Landing Page Conversion Rate | Landing Page Optimization Best Practices | THAT Agency

Not every landing page performs as effectively as it can - and should. Your landing page conversion rate can fluctuate, and this is frustrating to be sure. Fortunately, there are several steps, based on a number of landing page optimization best practices,  you can take to boost these vital stats:

1. Keep It Simple

This is the basic marketing principle that should guide any campaign you begin, and while it seems obvious, there are many landing pages out there that don't either don’t match up to the ad or link a visitor clicked on or don’t have clear calls to action (CTAs). The moment a user lands on your page, he or she should be able to immediately identify what you have to offer. Maybe it's an email newsletter. Maybe it's an app. Whatever it is, you need to immediately identify it, then offer clear, simple copy that states why they should sign up/complete the CTA.

2. Images Count

People like to see what they're about to sign up for/purchase. They're giving you personal information; give them some images of what they get in return. Preview screenshots of the app. Show them that newsletter. It doesn't give the content away, but it helps to engage users and let them know what's up for grabs.

3. Reinforce Your Credibility

Let’s say you have some great exclusive content for people who subscribe to your newsletter. On your landing page, you can have the typical “Sign up here” form - but why not add some testimonials from real users who have found value in your content? This builds your authority in your space, and consumers place a tremendous amount of trust in their peers.

4. Form and Function

When you have a form for visitors, carefully select the fields you want to fill in. They should relate to the person’s stage of the buyer’s journey and provide the information you need to convert. Forms vary depending on what you are offering. If you want them to subscribe to your blog, for example, a short form will do. But if you have a bigger value (e.g. exclusive whitepapers, videos, etc.), research shows that longer firms result in a higher landing page conversion rate.

5. Explore CTAs

After people fill out the form, they’re often confronted with the “Submit” button. This can be intimidating. Do they really want to “submit” their personal information to you? Try more consumer-friendly wording to convert: “Download Now,” “Show Me This Video,” “Sign Me Up!” and “Start My Free Trial” are all good options.

6. Focus Visitor Attention

Do this by adding a subhead above your form that encourages visitors to act. It highlights the form and keeps them focused. These will be similar to your CTA: try, “Get It Now,” “Download Your Free eBook Now,” “Sign Up for Free!” etc.

Need more landing page optimization best practices so you can boost your conversion rate? Contact THAT Agency today.

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