High Converting Landing Pages: How They Do It

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The average conversion rate for a landing page is under ten percent. Yet there are examples out there with incredibly high conversion rates. One FindLaw page, for example, has a conversion rate of 44%. Market research firm Purple Profile managed a page that had a conversion rate of 34%. How are pages like these finding success? How do you build high converting landing pages that will actually exceed that market average?

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Understand High Converting Landing Pages

The key to understanding how to increase those conversion rates may lie within a deeper understanding of the landing page itself. This is not your home page. Instead, it's a specific page created for a campaign, sale, or new product.

People may find your site as a whole through social media. They're likely to find a landing page, though, through good organic optimization or a well-targeted ad campaign. Landing pages can have different purposes. You can inform customers about new offerings, get them to sign up for a list, or do something entirely different. The goal is entirely up to you. The process of ensuring it converts well, though, is fairly standard.

Implement Landing Page Best Practices

What distinguishes those pages that convert from those that don't? Those that implement the industry's landing page best practices are going to be those that find a higher level of success. Here are a few you may want to consider.

  • Craft a Stronger Headline: Your headline should be the one thing on the page that grabs your reader's attention. You have less than two seconds to do that, so tell your readers, in a few words, what your product or service can really do for them. Luckily, many of the best brands use an associated image to help further that connection, and that may be the key. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Don't Overlook Subheads: Subheadlines throughout the page offer a quick burst of power. The headline may make your visitors look deeper. The subheadline, though, is going to be the persuasive bit that helps them keep reading. You have more space with a subheadline, so you can go into a bit more detail.

  • Add Visual Appeal: People like pictures. Studies have shown that the brain can process an image far more quickly than it can words, so choose relevant images that sell your brand. Generic stock photos need not apply for this position. Instead, go for unique images visitors will connect with immediately.

  • Be Concise: This is where many brands find trouble. Make sure your landing page is as clear as possible. If your visitors don't understand your product or service or they're not sure what to do, you've already lost them (and damaged your conversion rate).

Keep it simple. Go for benefits-oriented copy that will not only show your customer what they'll gain by using your product, but also what they might lose by choosing to click away. A good call to action within the copy is an absolute must.

The team at THAT Agency can help you increase your landing page conversion rate by employing industry-leading landing page best practices. Learn more about the process of creating high converting landing pages by contacting THAT Agency today!

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