Why a Landing Page Is Important

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Anyone in the world of digital marketing knows that you cannot market a product online, let alone run a successful social media ad campaign, if you don't have a dedicated landing page to send customers to. Directing them back to the home page of a site is a mess of distraction that will promptly lose the sale. It's why landing pages were developed in the first place. But do you really understand why landing pages matter? Have you spent any time thinking about the real benefits of landing pages?

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Hidden Power

Landing pages hold a source of hidden power for your customers. They can segment audiences into essential subsets so they see the message they need to in order to convert. It's the perfect way to grow an email subscriber list quickly, sell more, and ensure your customers stick with you in the long-term.

The goal is to convert any visitor into a lead. Maybe you're trying to get contact information. Maybe you're offering a new product. No matter what it is, landing pages have the ability to convert unlike any other page on your website - but it doesn't always happen. Statistics suggest the average conversion rate hovers around ten percent. Increasing your conversion rate to ensure you're taking advantage of the potential power lies in landing page optimization.

Making It Happen

Not sure where to begin to ensure your landing page has the power necessary to convert? These tips can help you ensure you reap the benefits of landing pages.

  • Develop a Better Headline: You have a matter of microseconds to capture a customer's attention. Don't overlook the importance of that fact. Your headline should be swift and achieve its goal within those microseconds. A good headline can increase the power of the page as a whole, and you can ensure yours is working through split-testing.

  • Stay Consistent: Many brands try to push a new look when building a landing page specific to a campaign. Don't. Instead, keep your site design consistent, whether they're on that landing page or on your home page.

    If anything, your landing page should be even cleaner than the rest of your site, as it's easy to distract a customer at this point. Ensure nothing gets in the way of your landing page message. Don't deploy silly fonts, brighter than average colors, or ridiculous clip art. Use the visuals that have worked for your brand in the past.

  • Develop a Single Call to Action: Your landing page shouldn't ask your customer to sign up for your email list and buy the newest product. Instead, it should ask them to perform a single action. If you give a customer multiple options, they won't choose thanks to the decision fatigue that has become so prevalent in today's society. Ask your customer to perform one clearly defined action.

  • Be Concise: Statistics suggest that most visitors won't scroll down your page. While that doesn't mean you can't create content below the scroll, it does mean that you shouldn't assume they won't leave if scrolling is required. Hold visitors' attentions with immediate benefits. They need to understand what you do in the first few sentences, so ensure your initial copy is the most compelling on the page.

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