Why Is Link Building Important?

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Link building is simple to understand and difficult to master. It focuses on accruing quality inbound links that encourage traffic from other businesses and improves how search engines view your website. The importance of link building can't be understated. It is vital to building out a website with a high rate of new inbound visitors.

Importance of Link Building | Quality Inbound Links for SEO | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Link Building 101

When another site with high-quality content links to a page on your website, it improves your site's SEO. Search engines will now prioritize your site more highly in their search results. For this reason, it's an extremely helpful strategy to reach out to other businesses. They can help feature promotions, new product launches, and content.

The best advertising isn't free, of course. Consider influencers. A YouTube content creator may feature your product and incorporate a link to that product's listing on your site. For any customers who buy through that link, the influencer gets a small cut. This may also be done by using a code associated with the influencer during purchase.

Benefits of Link Building

Whether done by an influencer, or through another business' website, you can quickly begin to see the benefits of building quality inbound links to your site. Those other platforms are speaking to customers you normally wouldn't access and driving their traffic to you. You can use inbound links or codes during purchase to assess how effective each of these partners is at driving traffic your way.

Link Building Tips and Tricks

Reaching out to other businesses and to influencers is a major part of developing quality inbound links. There are a few other tips and tricks that can improve your link building:

  1. Start with those you know. People who will share your content for free are reliable and get a few inbound links established quickly.
  2. Regularly published, high-quality SEO content will often get shared organically. Content that teaches or takes a stand will often go viral. Other sites, as well as social media, will link back to this content.
  3. Launches and news about your business can always be submitted for press releases. This will often get you additional inbound links, although their quality may vary.
  4. Getting your product shared by influencers will immediately see others begin to share links. This has a snowball effect where the more links out there will continue to improve SEO, and that improved SEO will further drive additional links.
  5. Don't underestimate the importance of link building. It's one of the most efficient ways to capitalize on content generation and SEO marketing strategies. If you don't have the time or expertise to push link building yourself, this is one of the primary areas that an SEO marketing firm understands and can push very efficiently. It's worth the investment.

For more link building tips and tricks, check out this video on how to use Google search operators:


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