5 HubSpot Benefits that Grow Your Business

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5 HubSpot Benefits that Grow Your Business | THAT Agency

If you’re diving into inbound marketing, or just looking to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, you’ve probably stumbled across HubSpot.  As an inbound marketing agency, we’re often faced with companies asking about the platform and if it’s worth the commitment.  The truth is you won’t be able to tell if a marketing platform is right for your business until you start using it, right?  Luckily, they have the option for a free demo, but here are a few benefits you get when you become a HubSpot customer.


They Invest in People

First and foremost, HubSpot is an extremely personable company.  They care about the people they work with and it shows.  Before you a dime, they offer their inbound certification for free.  This allows you to acclimate yourself with inbound marketing, and how every digital tactic works together to produce the results you’re looking for.  Check it out!  After all, it’s free.

When you become a HubSpot customer, it opens access to a host of certifications for you and your team to get.  This empowers you to train your staff to become the digital marketers they were destined to become.  The certifications present information in a way that makes it easy to apply to your strategy so you can get started right away.


Efficiency through Integration

HubSpot Benefits | THAT Agency

Efficiency is defined as achieving the maximum possible output with the minimum possible input.  How do you translate this over to your digital marketing?  Integration.  On a broad level, HubSpot offers an all-in-one control center for all your digital channels.  When you become a HubSpot customer, you get a full email service provider, a social media monitoring and publishing software, a full suite of SEO tools, and a comprehensive content marketing studio for you to create and publish everything you’ll share across your channels.

Having all these extremely valuable tools in a single location allows for each aspect of your strategy to work together by allowing the information about contact engagement to be accessed regardless of which channel you’re working on.  No more switching between tabs to find the information you need, with HubSpot, it’s all right there exactly how you want it. 

Even if you have established accounts set up with other service providers, they have a long list of API’s that fit right into your HubSpot portal.  Just because you already have a system set up doesn’t mean you miss out on the efficiency HubSpot provides.


Mobile Web Design for Dummies

HubSpot Design Manager | THAT Agency

If we were all expert developers, the world would be a much different place.  However, not everyone knows how to code and develop websites, and HubSpot says “That’s Okay!”. 

HubSpot's design manager makes it easy for anyone to login and create a mobile-friendly page whenever they need to.  The great thing is that it’s already optimized for mobility, so you can take a deep breath and be sure you're website is aligned with web design trends.

Their drag and drop editor makes it easy for you and your team to go in and make changes to a page or template you’ve created.  Forget about waiting to hear back from your development team to code the lines necessary to change the position of a form.  Simply go to the design manager, drag it to where you want it, hit publish and get on with your day!  It redefines traditional web design and provides a much more agile, intuitive web design process.


The Right Message at The Right Time

Consider this situation.  You visit a website for the first time and are met with a pop-up that flashes a message that resembles “BUY NOW”.  Unless you heard about their product from a friend and just had to have it, chances are you probably closed the pop up.  Why didn’t you buy it right then and there?  You weren’t ready.  Maybe you needed to do some more research or you just “weren’t ready yet”.  Either way, the message didn’t match the timing for you.

Consider the same situation, but instead you’re welcomed with a “everything you need to know about [insert product]” guide.  You still might click out of the message, but if you were looking to do more research than you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for.  You were welcomed with value, right away. 

With HubSpot, you can create dynamic web pages that show the right message, at the right time, to the right person.  If they’ve never been to your site before, ease them in with something of value instead of screaming “spend money”.  Ease them into their research process and help them make the decision you’re looking for.


Marketing and Sales in One Place

You know the inevitable communication gap between your marketing and sales team that can cost you valuable customers?  Well, HubSpot kept this in mind when they built out their inbound sales software.  Of all the HubSpot benefits, this is likely the one that impacts your bottom line the most.  Instead of using different software for your marketing and sales efforts, they keep the efficiency trend and include it right into the platform.

All the information from your marketing suite is automatically pulled into your sales center.  Gone are the days of forgetting key information about leads.  HubSpot allows you to see every interaction you’ve had with the contact, as well as leave notes and tasks for others on your team.

It seems illogical for marketing and sales teams to be on different pages, especially when the information directly impacts your revenue.  Using the tools in HubSpot will allow your teams to easily communicate specifics without ever accidentally leaving out key information.


Closing Thoughts

While the benefits of using HubSpot could go on for a lot longer than this post, these are 5 that allow you to connect with your target audience in an impactful way.  I’m personally a sucker for efficiency, so the fact that everything you need from lead generation to retaining happy customers is in a single place makes the entire platform.

If you’re looking to see how these benefits can grow YOUR business, we’d love to talk about your goals and see how HubSpot can help you crush them.  We’re a certified HubSpot Agency Partner and can incorporate these benefits straight into your digital strategy so your business can take off!

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