How to Improve Customer Experience As a Marketer

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A strong customer experience management strategy is a must. Today, virtually everything is commoditized. You have a great product! So does your competitor. You deliver an amazing solution! So does the company down the road. You offer it at a lower price! Well, they just cut theirs too. It’s certainly a dog-eat-dog world. The most effective way to stand apart is delivering exceptional customer experience.


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According to Gartner, the vast majority of companies (89%) compete primarily on customer experience. In other words, it’s not what you do, it’s how you make people feel that matters.

How to Improve Customer Experience

Tips to help you reach, connect with, and capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of prospects and customers:

Recognize That Customer Service is Everyone’s Job

Customer experience is ingrained in every facet of your business. It should be top of mind when you hire. It should be given prominence when working supply chains and logistics, when developing IT solutions, when designing products…. Every employee should be a customer service representative, and every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage.

Don’t Neglect People At the Bottom of the Funnel

We’re marketers; we bring people into the top of the funnel and nurture them through the point where they’re ready to make a purchase. And then…? Often, they’re handed off to sales and then left to their own devices, so to speak. Keep up those relationships. Continue to nurture, to answer questions, to reach out, to deliver content aimed at their stage of the buyer’s journey. Engage them at every step. Keep them coming back - and turn them into fans and advocates.

Align Content to Customers’ Needs

Again, it is important to serve them, and provide value, at every step. Figure out what they need, and when, and deliver it. At the top of the funnel, content will be geared towards their particular problem. At the bottom, it’ll be designed to answer their questions as a customer (e.g., troubleshooting IT issues or maximizing their use of your product/service).

Be Present - and Consistent - On Social Media

You likely have people at all stages of the buyer’s journey congregating on your social media pages, from casual followers to brand advocates. Deliver exceptional service for all: answer questions, respond to concerns, thank them for positive reviews, mention people by name. Again, this job is ideally shared by other departments, but realistically, as a marketer, you’re likely to be steering the ship.

Customer experience management belongs to everyone - but, as mentioned, it may fall on you as a marketing professional. Do your best to get other teams on board, delegate tasks that align with their specialities, and continually monitor results so you can optimize performance. And if we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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