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Top Tips for Franchise Digital Marketing

Posted at Sep 20, 2018 6:34:00 AM by thatagency | Share

Franchise marketing isn't like other types of marketing, especially when it comes to digital strategies. You are contending with a variety of concerns that other business owners simply don't have to worry about. After all, you're not just looking to market your brand. Instead, you're looking at the local marketing of a franchise, complete with regional concerns, community-related plans, and other strategies that must fit into the picture.

Is there a path to simple? Not exactly! But these tips can help you make the most of every digital marketing opportunity for your franchise. There is a path to simpler...

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Think SEO

Optimizing your site, and every component on it, is essential. When someone looks for your solutions, they need to see a functional site that reaches high in the rankings, and SEO is the only way to make that happen.

Some studies suggest you need to be within the top three rankings to even garner a searcher's attention, so pay attention to code, structure, and overall web presence. And don't neglect your local SEO! Professional help with local marketing is all but a must these days.

Content Is Still King

You already know that content works. It's proven itself as an indispensable strategy for more than a decade now - and it's still growing in importance. About 70% of people prefer to learn about a business through content over any other means, particularly ads.

It's effective - and cost effective. Content also has the power to create the leads you need most. Whether it's a blog post, a video, or even an infographic, plan to release more great thought leadership and information geared toward your attracting your target franchise marketing audience.

Don't Forget About Email

Email marketing has been around since the early nineties, and it's still a viable marketing method. With opt-in email marketing campaigns, you're finding highly effective ways to grow your business.

You'll want to remain as locally relevant as possible, but if you’d like your local markets to have their own newsletter as well, you may want to create a template for each location to help control branding consistency.

Add Some Live Video to your Social Media

You may already realize how important social media can be both at the franchise level and at the brand level. If you don't, though, take note. Social media is a powerful outlet; particularly for franchises, because you have the opportunity to guide the conversation around a geographic area.

Along with your social media efforts, though, consider adding some live video on platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram TV. Video is no longer a trend; it's a staple, and studies have found that users prefer live video to blog posts. Promote your franchise via video, so customers get a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, your people, and your solutions.

Hyperlocal Matters

Local businesses can reach out to customers in a way that was never previously possible. Make certain you're playing a role in that through Google My Business, Google Posts, Google Maps, and tools like Facebook Local.

Local marketing at this level offers a chance for your individual franchise to reach out directly, and it costs next to nothing. For the brand as a whole, it could mean the difference between low lead numbers and meeting - even surpassing - sales goals.

Ready to ensure your franchise is at the top of the digital marketing game? Contact THAT Agency today for more franchise marketing tips, and be sure to snag a free copy of our handy co-op marketing tracking template:

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Free Co-Op Marketing Tracking Template | Microsoft Excel File | THAT Agency