Four Reasons To Integrate Gmail Ads Into Your PPC Strategy

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Are you considering integrating Gmail Ads into your PPC Strategy? If not, you just may be missing out on potentially the best way to reach your current or future customers. With over one billion monthly active users, Gmail has many capabilities for your PPC strategies. Whether your strategy is to nurture leads, target new demographics or simply promote offers to a remarketing list, Gmail Ads from Google AdWords can add another point of contact for your audience.

At THAT Agency we have put together the top four reasons to consider Gmail Ads for your PPC strategy.

  1. Over 75% of Gmail users access their accounts through mobile devices. This makes Gmail Ad placements perfect for campaigns related to mobile Apps, Ecommerce and Accelerated Mobile Page websites (AMP).  A word of caution, a non-responsive website will lower engagement and conversion rates.


  1. Gmail Ads have the capability to be shown in native format, meaning ads will appear in an identical format of a Gmail Native Expanded Ads.pngregular inbox Email. These native ads are initially shown as unread emails that expand into either custom HTML or available template emails. Custom HTML formats allow for flexible and customizable content, check out the image of an example ad.


  1. Remarketing capabilities within Google Customer Match offer the ability to upload an email list of at least 1,000 of your subscribers that use Gmail. This opportunity can be utilize to place Gmail ads anywhere in the sales funnel, whether it’s a branded campaign or effort to upsell current customers.


  1. Google Customer Match is an available tool also utilized in Gmail ads to reach not only your customers, but also similar audiences based on relevant websites or keywords related to your ideal customer base. Reaching these similar audiences with personalized ads at the top of their inboxes can put your brand in front of your ideal customers.

For more information on setting up and utilizing Gmail ads, contact the THAT Agency team or visit the following resources:


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