A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences

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Facebook ads can be a very powerful tool for business when used properly. On Facebook, you're able to streamline your target audience to ensure that you are reaching your potential customers and retargeting people who have already shown an interest in your company. This can be done by creating custom audiences, which is a critical step for any successful Facebook advertising campaign. Let’s take a look at how Facebook custom audiences can help your business.

Types of Facebook AudienceS

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Before we begin, let’s quickly define the three different types of audiences you can create in Facebook.

  • Saved Audiences – These are defined by targeting people based on their interests, behaviors, locations, ages, etc.
  • Custom Audiences – These are probably your most valuable audiences, as they are compiled of people who have previously engaged with your Facebook page or visited your website and been tracked through your Facebook pixel. This allows you to run a campaign to reach people who visited a product page but didn't complete a purchase to encourage those visitors to go back to the website to do so.
  • Lookalike Audiences – These allow you to reach people who are similar to the people currently engaging with your business.

How to Create a Custom Audience

There are multiple ways to create Facebook custom audiences - through an existing customer list you may have, website traffic, app activity, or Facebook engagement. To create any of these custom audiences, you need to be on Facebook’s Ad Manager page and click on the Audience Manager tool.

(Note: if you don't have Facebook Ad campaigns, and are considering starting, but don't know where to start, then we can help! Reach out to us to have a conversation.)

Ok, so once you click on the Create Audience tab, you are able to choose which type of custom audience you would like to create. Regardless which one you select, Facebook will prompt you through the easy steps to create and name your custom audience.

Facebook Create Custom Audience | THAT Agency

We strongly recommend using website traffic as a way to re-engage with people who already expressed an interest in your business or product. You can target a specific web page or multiple pages, and you can even select a time period. The only stipulation is that you cannot go back more than 180 days. Depending on the size of your audience, it may take some time for Facebook to compile the list, but once it is completed, you can use that list for your Facebook advertising campaign.

How to Create a Lookalike Audience

Once you create a custom audience, you are then able to create a lookalike audience that identifies people with similar qualities to those in your custom audience. This can be done by opening your custom audience and clicking on the Actions tab.

You are able to choose the size of your lookalike audience during the creation process. A smaller audience will more closely match the source list, while a larger audience reduces the level of similarities. However, please keep in mind that your list should have a minimum of 1,000 people in order to be used for a Facebook advertising campaign.

Now that you how about Facebook custom audiences and how to create them, it’s time to start your own ad campaigns. If you don’t have the time or resources to create a successful social media campaign, THAT Agency can help you! Contact us today.

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