Is Facebook Advertising Effective for Lawyers?

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Because the competitive atmosphere is so fierce in the legal field, it is essential that you develop a multi-faceted approach to marketing. Google organic search and paid search immediately come to mind, and, indeed, these can be effective methods by which to increase visibility, traffic, and conversions. But don’t neglect the world’s largest social media network. Facebook advertising for lawyers can be challenging - but the rewards are worth it.Facebook Advertising for Lawyers | Social Media for Lawyers | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Social Media for Lawyers: You Need a Different Strategy

Google search advertising is attractive for a few key reasons: when people search for specific keywords, such as “personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach,” they are expressing an interest. There is intent there: you know they are looking for a law firm and are, likely, ready to hire an attorney.

With Facebook, you can’t assume intent. Your ads are displayed to those who fit your demographic and behavioral parameters; they are not necessarily actively searching for a lawyer. If they were they’d go right to Google or a legal directory like Avvo or Justia. However, Facebook is a channel through which you can educate your audience. If they’re not sure if they need a lawyer or of their rights, you can capture them at this point in their customer journey.

When it comes to social media for lawyers, Facebook is useful for building awareness and providing valuable information. There are a number of other benefits as well:

  • Ads are cost-effective. Google search ads are pricey: for an average legal industry keyword, you’ll pay about $40. For a highly competitive term, this will increase to $100 or more. Facebook’s $2.15 seems downright cheap by comparison.

  • You can target by demographic, behavior, and interests. As we all know, Facebook accrues data on every user. As an advertiser, you can take advantage of this by creating ads that are targeted to people in a very precise way. For example, if you practice divorce law, you can appeal to separated women with young children.

  • Easy lead generation and forms. With Google ads, you have to build high quality landing pages for each campaign. When searchers click through, they expect to arrive at a relevant, easy to navigate destination. With Facebook, you don’t need to do this. You can collect lead information right from the ad, customizing it to capture whatever data you need. Facebook users like this because they never leave the site; they can click on your customizable call to action, fill out the form (most of which is pre-populated from their profile), and see a customized “Thank you”. After that, they go right back to their feed.

  • You can retarget. Retargeting, or remarketing, allows you to reach out to people who have visited your website. This is particularly relevant to lawyers because the process of researching and selecting an attorney can be lengthy. Someone may visit your site, check out a few directories, look at your Facebook page, etc. Retargeting allows you to keep your name at the top of their minds.

Facebook advertising for lawyers is an effective avenue to pursue; just remember the strategy is different than that you use for Google search. If you have questions or need guidance, contact THAT Agency today.

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