7 Strategies to Maximize Your Digital Marketing Budget

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Marketers are not only skilled in reaching and connecting with leads and customers; they’re adept at stretching their digital marketing budget as far as it will go. And then a bit further. They are always on the lookout for new ways to contain marketing costs. Well, since time is money, let’s get right to it!


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Maximizing Your Digital Marketing Budget


Here are some painless ways to make your marketing dollars work harder - and smarter:


1. Use Strategies That Complement Each Other

Get more bang for your buck by using digital marketing strategies that strengthen each other and amplify results. For example, SEO and content marketing are as perfect a pair as peanut butter and jelly. When used in conjunction with each other, they build on each other. SEO boosts your visibility in the results pages, your authoritative content earns the approval of Google, your website gets more traffic, and your content is shared, viewed, and responsible for more conversions.


2. Use Your Content In A Variety of Ways

Many brands spend money to create a great white paper, article, or video. Then they leave it to languish on their web page. You can use that one asset in multiple ways. Your fantastic video, for instance, can be edited into a short (or a series of shorts) and shared on social media, incorporated into blog posts (which generate more clicks than text-only content), sent in engaging emails (which see a significantly higher open rate), integrated into landing pages (which, you guessed it, are more effective).

Reuse, recycle - and reduce your marketing costs!


3. Leverage Social Media

Use social media to listen in on your customers’ conversations. Who are they? What do they love? What do they hate? What are they chatting about? What types of questions are they asking (always answer!) and what types of concerns are they sharing (always address!)?

Use this feedback to inform your strategies; you can avoid areas that are not bearing fruit and focus on those that are.


4. Boost Your Email Marketing Game

Email marketing is one of the single best channels for lead- and revenue-generation. The key is effectively segmenting your audience by stage of their buyer’s journey and personalizing your campaigns. For example, when a website visitor completes a form and downloads content, it triggers an automatic “Thank you” message (personalized with the individual’s name). It feels personal - but using an automated solution saves you untold time and money.


5. Enhance Your Content Marketing

Today’s consumers don’t want a hard sell (did they ever?). They want the information and insight they need to make their own decisions. When you create relevant, original, high-quality content, they essentially sell themselves on your products/services. Blogs, articles, whitepapers, webinars, videos, how-tos, content curation… it all helps establish you as an authority in your space.


6. Don’t Forget About SEO

All that content is great - but people need to be able to find it. Utilizing SEO techniques, such as targeted keywords, tagging, etc., works to shine a spotlight on your brand. You’ll be more easily found in searches, generating more traffic to your website and social media profiles.


7. DIY It - For Some Things!

SEO is a complex set of strategies; you can save time (and ultimately, money) by engaging a digital marketing partner to handle the heavy lifting for you. You can recoup some of that cost by doing the DIY route for some simple design. Canva, for instance, allows you to create social posts, infographics, banners, and other elements to complement your digital efforts.

Here’s a bonus strategy to help you make the most of your digital marketing budget: stop doing anything that’s not working. Yes, you have to give techniques time to work, to “kick in,” if you will. But if, month after month, you’re not seeing any results, reevaluate and refocus that spend in areas that are effective.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact the THAT Agency team. Freeing your people to do what they do best will reduce marketing costs - and provide a greater return on your investment.


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