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The Future of Link Building: 2016

Posted at Dec 18, 2015 12:53:02 PM by Enid Glasgow | Share

Link Building is an extremely integral part of digital marketing – specifically organic marketing. However, over the past several years, with the continuous growth of the digital world, we’ve seen link building constantly be remolded. Google and the other search engines are getting far more fine-tuned with their algorithms in detecting real backlinks vs. spam backlinks. With all of these changes to the strategy, the real question is: will there ever be a new way to gauge SEO value/authority?

The reality is that while the world of link building changes, the idea behind link building can simply never die. Link building to its very core is about human interaction: sharing [digital] content and data with people you regularly connect with. That is, by definition, the very point of organic listings, and organic SEO. Therefore, there’s no real way that link building can become obsolete.

Natural Link Building | Matt Cutts Quote

As a very long, drawn-out process, of manually requesting links, link building quickly became an automated tactic by many [black-hat] search engine marketers. The idea for the future of link building is really just that it’s going back to its roots of: link earning. Manually identifying the proper sites that would actually prosper from including a relevant link (as well as be prosperous for the linked site) is the main, important first step of proper link building for the future (and honestly: of the past).

As an agency, we have clients from all different verticals – one of which being a wine company: Natura organic wines. One of the main tactics we’ve tackled for the overall branding, and organic growth of Natura’s site is that we’ve searched for wine-specific directories, companies, and online listings and reached out to them. They are usually thrilled because their site(s) are offering their users a central hub of different wine brands. And of course we’re happy because not only are we getting a backlink, but we’re getting one from a website all about wine companies – relevant to our client.

The future of link building is quite simple: obtaining backlinks from relevant sources, in order to grow your site’s authority on that very topic. It’s been said that it can take anywhere from five to twenty hours just to retain one relevant backlink. TWENTY HOURS! With devoted time like this, it’s no wonder why some companies decided to ditch solid SEO efforts, and resorted to automated link building. This is the dirty truth about SEO – It. Takes. Time. It takes time, and a lot of effort. But, if you do it correctly, it’s really all worth it!

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