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iPad InDesign Photo Gallery Template Download (App-Free)

Posted at Nov 30, 2015 12:00:24 PM by thatagency | Share

We have created a clean and stylish Photo Gallery that you can download. It is an InDesign file that you can use to create your own iPad App or Interactive PDF. It is a fixed landscape layout sized for the iPad. There are 15 placeholder images, but of course, you can add or remove as many as you like.

The photo images are named 1-15. So, if you replace the images (in the same folder) with the same name/size and InDesign will update the links.

The first page has an automated slideshow that can be paused or played by tapping and advanced by swiping. 15 thumbnail images can be viewed by a single tap. (see video above)

You can enter the gallery by swiping or by tapping the text link.

Thumbnails at the bottom of the page are scrollable. Each thumbnail will take you to that individual page.

Included in the Phone Gallery Template Download:

  • Cover Page - Photo Slider
  • 15 Individual Photo Pages
  • 1 Fade-in Popup w/text
  • Smooth Horizontal Image Scroller
  • CC Indesign file
  • CS4 Indesign file
  • Icons

Download here: iPad InDesign Photo Gallery Template Download  If you have any questions about this Adobe Indesign template, please don't hesitate to reach out, and our team would be happy to assist!

If you ever have any web design questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our website development and web design experts at THAT Agency. As a full server digital agency, we can offer assistance on any digital marketing services!

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