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Combine SEO & PPC Efforts: 4 Main Benefits

Posted at Feb 24, 2015 7:04:10 AM by Enid Glasgow | Share

While not everyone utilizes the shared remunerations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC) strategies, they are actually quite similar in practice. As the search results continue to evolve, we’ve been seeing a lot of changes with regards to how SEO and PPC results are shown in the Search Engine Results Page (or SERPs); however the practicality of both remain fairly constant. In this article, we will go into four of the major benefits of combining your businesses’ SEO and PPC efforts, if you’re not doing so already; and the ways in which the two digital marketing efforts work so cohesively.

  1. Brand Standards: Utilizing SEO and PPC efforts together allows for a more perfect and cohesive message. When you’re able to get your brand’s real message out there, and mimic it across all advertising (whether it be digital or traditional), you’ve suddenly increased your overall branding across all channels. In doing this, you have basically killed two birds with one stone.
  2. Keywords: The majority of SEOs use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner for SEO services, like researching new SEO keywords for our clients. It’s clear to see that with the data that Google offers us when it comes to PPC keywords, many similarities will be found for SEO keywords. Furthermore, continuing with the same keyword plan of attack across both platforms will further push your brand standards.
  3. Visibility: As we saw in late 2013/early 2014, paid search results are starting to blend in (with the removal of the big yellow background of yesteryear), while organic listings are being pushed further down the main page of the SERPs. Therefore, if you invest in both pay-per-click advertising as well as your organic efforts, you’ll ensure domination over the search engine results page. This is particularly true for your brand, which is when it’s most important to show up everywhere possible. Furthermore, your Brand campaigns (in paid search), will be some of the lowest cost per clicks you’ll have since your quality score for your own brand will always surpass anyone else [bidding on your brand terms].
  4. Algorithm Connections: Organic and Paid Search marketing have a strong shared connection, as they are both Google-related services. For that simple fact, it’s impossible to say that they are not in some way connected. Google takes of a lot of exterior circumstances to determine organic listings, rankings, and ultimately visits; and PPC is one of them. PPC Influences SEOWe recently sped up a PPC campaign for one of our client during the holiday season, and on December 17th, significantly lowered the PPC budgets. Below you can see a clear drop in organic visits, on the exact same day.

There are many companies who wonder whether they should invest in paid digital advertising, when they can easily work on their organic listings and optimized and advertise for free. Unfortunately the question isn’t as simple as that. We’re constantly seeing changes to Google’s algorithm, and are continuously seeing the push towards utilizing Google’s paid advertising efforts, in addition to their free options.

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