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4 Ways Tweetups Can be Good for Business

Posted at Jun 8, 2012 7:17:17 AM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

Tweetups have become the new trend in networking. You might be curious as to what a tweetup actually is. Essentially, it is a group of social media users who gather to talk about business trends, networking opportunities, and other social media topics. Why would anyone want to attend a tweetup? There are many ways that tweetups can be beneficial to business, here are a few:

Good ‘Ole Networking

Networking is always going on. Whether it’s a simple conversation at the grocery store or at a restaurant, creating a network of motivated individuals is always a good idea. A tweetup enhances networking by ensuring that you will be meeting with people in your specific industry. When attending an event, you would automatically know everyone there either is active in social media or is looking to get into social media, thus there is always a common ground to build relationships.

The Human element

I think it’s safe to say that we all hate robotic marketing speech. With the rise of social media, consumers have largely demanded that businesses bring more to the table than just a sales pitch. At a tweetup, you can represent your business and showcase the personality behind the brand. What is more endearing than sharing a beer with the CEO of your favorite clothing company or having a karaoke duet with a representative from your local gym? Tweetups allow the human element to be re-inserted into business practices, which in the end can reinforce a positive brand image.

Prove that you know your stuff!

Gathering with a group of peers in your industry can be a learning experience, but it can also be an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space. What better way to show how cutting edge your service is than to engage in a Q & A about it with your peers? Establishing your credibility via conversation at a tweeup can create positive word of mouth about your business and potentially lead to a new client, sale or even employer.


The worst thing we can do as marketers is to be complacent. We must always be learning and trying to stay ahead of the game. tweetups allow you the opportunity to talk about social media with others who are ‘in the know’. You might learn a new strategy you never thought of before or confirm that a strategy is on the right track. If you are not learning, you are not growing!

Most of these events can be found by doing a simple Twitter search. You might be surprised at just how many events are going on in your area.

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