What Are the Best Online Marketing Strategies?

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The best online marketing strategies will vary by business. What stays the same are the foundations to these strategies. You build online campaigns around the idea that your brand fosters a community. Perhaps it's a very select community of enthusiasts with high expectations. Perhaps it's a large, excited community that celebrates what they love.

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The way you design your online marketing to each will be different. That won't matter if you can't build and foster your brand's community in the first place. A Florida internet marketing company has a unique position to assess exactly how a diverse range of customers who span all age groups build loyal communities around brands online.

Framework First

The best online marketing strategies don't mean anything in the long run if they don't serve a central strategy. Many businesses imagine that traditional marketing means centralized campaigns in the way you're used to, while online marketing means taking a stab at whatever new marketing trend seems to be working. They'll sometimes think that online strategies are less connected to each other and are only about immediate reward. That way of looking at things is a mistake.

Newer mediums for advertising do mean newer strategies, but they don't mean you throw out the concept of a framework altogether. Each strategy is still part of an advertising campaign, with each step building on the last and establishing a foundation for the next. Take each step separately, and they can be strong steps, but they aren't leading in a particular direction. Take each step one after the other, and you build momentum.


Customers and clients alike both use research before deciding to buy. About 4 in every 5 online shoppers will use the internet to look at reviews, business history, comparison prices, and other research factors before considering buying your product. This number is even higher among business-to-business buyers. There, it's about 9 in 10.

Your knowledge of how to use keywords can make or break your business. Good SEO means your results are getting to the front of the line. That doesn't just mean you're getting hits for customers already researching your products. That means you're getting hits for customers researching your competitors' products and seeing yours instead.

Strong SEO strategies can include using alternative search engines. Bing is far less used, but the average buying power of a Bing user is far higher than for a Google user - and Bing is less expensive per click.

You may also use negative keywords: cutting out those clicks that are searching for "free" or "discount" means those visitors you're paying for are more serious about buying.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Strategies like this run far deeper, so consult a Florida internet marketing company to utilize the best strategies when it comes to effective SEO practices.

Actionable Language

Look at that last sentence. What does it do? It gives you something to research: "strategies like this run far deeper." That makes you interested in those strategies. How do you find out about them? "Consult a Florida internet marketing company." That's personalized. It's speaking to businesses that are specifically looking to do business in Florida.

The first draft of it said, "to develop the best strategies when it comes to good SEO practices." But "to develop" sounds like work. It sounds like time. "To utilize" better clarifies that you can put these strategies into effect immediately. These strategies already exist.

What about the end of the sentence? Who wants "good SEO practices?" The word "good" suggests a quality straight out of the box, but just because you know the strategy doesn't mean you know how to implement it. You care about a strategy's effect once put into practice. Hence replacing the word "good" with "effective."

That sounds like a lot of thinking for one sentence, but it changes that sentence from useless fluff to something actionable. It has a hook, a personalization within the immediate answer to that hook, and then uses specific actionable language. "Click here to see" and "Want to know more?" are suggestions that most customers ignore online. See what? Know more about what part? Do you feel more capable in your buying process by clicking on something?

"Compare the competitors," "Customize it," and "Get an evaluation," are all actions that empower the shopper. They lead to the very same pages, but the shopper is much more likely to click on a link that gives them power over the action, or suggests they'll get something in return. They won't "click to see" how details stack up against your competition. They'll leave your site and search for comparison reviews instead. If you enable them to "compare the competitors," then that's just what they'll do on your site.

Consistent Content

Email Lists: Email lists still matter. Personalizing those emails matters even more. It might only be a line here or there that tells them an interesting fact about the last product they purchased, but acknowledging their difference from other customers makes them feel seen. When they feel seen, they'll be more brand loyal.

Elite Customers: If you have a few very best customers who spend far more than others, then these are your new pen pals. You don't have to spend hours writing them or learning about their lives, but know who they are. Send them each an early heads-up when something new is coming that fits in line with their previous purchases. Let them know they're one of your best customers, so you wanted to make sure they had a sneak peak before all the others. This rewards brand loyalty with something they value and that won't cost you a thing: acknowledgement.

Blog Content: Write press releases for new lines and have blog content written and optimized for search. Share these blogs on your social media pages. Look at what you click on and understand why. "New luxury watch line Everglade releases soon" might get a few customers, but without a built in base craving that release, not many. "10 Ways the Everglade Watch Line Improves on Luxury," will get more people to click on the exact same blog.

These are each foundations. You build a framework, you utilize the best online marketing strategies within that framework, and then you iterate along the most effective routes, focusing on what you do best and where your brand's community engages most. That's the end goal that enables you to start building out in exponential ways: community. A brand without a community gets lost online. A community gets the word out, makes posts go viral, and empowers your advertising like nothing else will. Build toward that, and then build from it once you get there. That's the biggest goal.

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