Why Fresh Content Is Important for Your Website

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As a Palm Beach Web Development Company, THAT Agency is tasked with, you guessed it, developing websites. However, after those websites are fully developed, the majority of our web development clients choose to retain us as webmasters. This means we're also tasked with ongoing website maintenance.

As part of our webmaster services, we monitor and make improvements as needed to our clients' websites to increase search engine optimization (SEO). By tweaking different aspects affecting site speed, indexing, and mobile friendliness, we strive to achieve for our clients top rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition to fine-tuning the mechanics of our clients' websites, we also make strategic content changes with the goal of moving their sites up in the rankings.

Much of the content work done during our ongoing website maintenance is related to blog posts and landing pages. This makes sense, as these areas of our clients' websites often get the most traffic. However, we also realize the importance of making sure the content on every page of a website gets regular attention. Here are four reasons why fresh content is so important.

Ongoing Website Maintenance | Palm Beach Web Development Company | THAT Agency of South Florida

1. The search engine algorithms care about recency

Fresh content takes precedence with Google. In fact, the search engine giant even released an update that was affectionately dubbed the "Freshness Algorithm." When you think about it, focusing on recency makes perfect sense, as it's easy to imagine any number of scenarios in which relying on outdated content would be a detriment.

2. The search engine algorithms are always changing

... which means your website content must follow suit. The key is to keep your content search engine optimized in accordance with the latest best practices. By relying on a Palm Beach Web Development Company like THAT Agency to serve as your webmaster, you can ensure your website content accommodates fluctuations in the search engine algorithms.

3. Your competition can grow and/or adapt

More and more businesses are entering the market every day. And that includes your market. You need to be sure your website content is groomed to outrank the competition, new and old. Your existing competitors are also entirely capable of altering their website content to outrank yours in the SERPs. By monitoring your website's rankings and conducting ongoing website maintenance, you can take steps when necessary to regain lost ground.

4. The needs of your target audience can also change

Gathering information about your customers should be a constant endeavor. You're not just collecting billing details when they purchase your products or services. You're also collecting data about their preferences. What do they buy? How often do they buy it? Analyzing your customers' buying habits can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your target audience's needs. After all, the objective is to turn your target audience into your customers, right?! It only makes sense then to shape your website content to accommodate changes in your customers' needs.


The moral of the story is: don't forget to update your content as part of your ongoing website maintenance! Treat your website content like a living, breathing organism and give it the tender, loving care it needs to stay relevant with search engines and your target audience.

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