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5 Attorney Web Design Trends to Know

Posted at Apr 9, 2019 3:36:00 PM by thatagency | Share

Attorney web design can seem intimidating. But, really, it is a matter of thinking from the perspective of potential clients and delivering the value, the ease, and the experience they need. Here are five trends for law firm web design that will help you do that with maximum impact.Law Firm Web Design | Attorney Web Design | THAT Agency of South Florida

1. Responsive Design

Think about your own website use. Do you stick to your desktop or laptop? Or do you switch from that to your phone to your tablet and then back to your laptop? Do you search on the go? Of course you do! So do the vast majority of internet users today. Your attorney web design must be responsive: that is, it must automatically respond, or adjust, to the device, platform, screen size, and orientation that searchers are using.

Greater flexibility allows for greater accessibility and ensures that when people are searching for key terms such as “best accident attorney in Miami,” or “hire a personal injury lawyer in Boca Raton,” they find you - and have a high-quality experience regardless of the device they are using.

If your site is not responsive, now is the time to make the change. You are losing out on potential business otherwise.

2. High-Quality Visual Content

You can’t get away with stock photos or candid shots you snapped around the office with your iPhone. As consumers become increasingly savvy, they demand high-quality, professional images. This, after all, reflects on your brand and practice. Great photography, for example, improves your reputation, reach, trust, and, ultimately, revenue. Yes, a picture truly does speak 1000 words.

You can even take it up a notch and incorporate virtual tours, as this law firm website does. Here, they highlight their in-house mock courtroom (highlight a key differentiator is another great strategy):

Attorney Web Design | Law Firm Web Design | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Don’t rely on stock images of the scales of justice, gavels, or handshakes. Aim for personal, authentic, and professional.

In the next few years, video will comprise about 80% of web content. Increasingly, those searching for legal advice or to hire a lawyer want to consume information and advice through video. Most law firms have not caught on to the power of this medium yet, so this is an area in which you can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Use video to explain complex legal terms or issues in clear, concise ways. Use it for client testimonials. Use it to introduce your team and highlight their authority within the legal community. When you’re creative, there are endless ways to leverage video.

3. High-Quality Authoritative Content

The benefits of high-quality, original website content are many: it helps tell the story behind your firm (e.g., your beliefs, your values, your differentiators, your credentials, your mission, your services, etc.) while providing value to searchers. You build trust in an organic way because you are not delivering a “hard sell.” You are giving searchers what they need: answers, solutions, help, guidance.

Some professionals are wary of publishing knowledge or general advice - for free! But blogs, articles, whitepapers, podcasts, videos, and other content establishes your authority in the legal field. It marks you out as an expert and builds your reputation.

Even if you do dispense a little wisdom, people still need to hire a lawyer. They’re not all of a sudden going to be able to take depositions, negotiate with insurance companies, or argue a case in front of the judge. But they will know that you have the experience and expertise to do this on their behalf.

Another benefit: Google rewards sites that publish fresh content consistently. Better search engine rankings means more traffic which can lead to more conversions and increased revenue.

4. Live Chat

One of the most effective attorney web design features is live chat, and it is fast moving from a “nice to have” to a “must have” for lawyers. It gives potential clients an opportunity to connect with your brand in a rather anonymous way; this builds a level of comfort and trust that is essential. It also provides people who may not be at the “hire a lawyer” stage quite yet to reach out, ask a question, and determine whether or not you can provide the solution for which they are looking.

5. Clear, Simple Navigation

This is a law firm web design trend that will never fade away. It is critical that your site is easy to navigate and that it pushes visitors towards a specific goal or call to action. A clunky, confusing site will only prompt them to move on to a competitor. Instead, make it simple and seamless for them to find the information they need, contact you, and take the next steps.

Navigation tools should be intuitive (most are located at the top of the page), clearly and precisely worded, and include an option to contact you. This format is familiar to internet users, and they will know how to proceed. Leverage this to your advantage and give them what they want and expect.

Ready to begin putting these attorney web design strategies to work for your firm? Contact THAT Agency for assistance.

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