5 Law Firm Email Marketing Tips That Really Work

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Given the prominence - and dominance - of social media and other marketing channels available today, email may seem obsolete. In fact, though, the majority of online marketers say that email marketing is one of, if not the, most potent tool in terms of reaching customers/clients, promoting products/services, and seeing a positive return on their investment. Law firm email marketing is a critical part of your overall strategy.

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Email Marketing for Lawyers

Ready to put email marketing to work for your law firm? Get started with these tips:

1. Build Your Email List

There’s no point creating compelling emails if you have no one to send them to! This is the first step. Start with current clients and relevant contacts, and add their names and email addresses to a spreadsheet. From there, branch out by networking in person: if you meet people in related fields or complimentary practices or present at conferences, for example, capture email addresses to add to your list.

You can also offer free content (e.g., an eBook, guide, checklist, webinar, etc.) in exchange for an email address for people who find you via search or visit your website.

2. Segment Your Email List

Not all of your contacts will be interested in or engaged by the same messaging and content. You need to segment them, or subdivide them, if you will, by similar characteristics and interests. This enables you to go beyond mass generic emails and deliver targeted communications. For example, you can classify people according to the type of contact they are: current clients, potential clients, referral sources.

Email marketing software or a partner that specializes in email marketing for lawyers can help you do this effectively and track behaviors that allow you to further target people with the right messages at the right time.

3. Use Autoresponders

Automated content should not be confused with generic content. Yes, automated response systems do send out messages on specific dates and times (e.g., thank you’s, birthdays, etc.), but they are messages that you create to meet the needs of your various segments. For individuals, you will obviously draft personalized messages; autoresponders are designed for segments.

These systems also help you create a “nurture sequence.” That is, you send follow-up messages designed to move people along towards a desired call to action. After they sign up for your newsletter, for example, you send a “thank you.” From there, you may follow up with a piece of exclusive content that is relevant to their needs.

4. Offer Email Newsletters

A weekly newsletter helps you deliver important information to clients, potential clients, and referral sources. Whether it is updating them on changes in the law or informing them of an event at which you will be presenting, this is a great way to stay in touch.

Because it’s likely that your segments are already inundated with other newsletters, help yours stand out. Customize your newsletters for each segment (this is particularly important if you have various practice areas), include links to your content (above the fold if you can), use images strategically, and get to the point. People spend less than a minute perusing an email newsletter, so you want to cut right to the chase.

5. Craft Effective Email Messages


  • Start with your subject line. This is key and makes the difference between people who click through and people who hit the “Delete” button. Grab your audience’s attention.

  • Personalize emails with individual names in the subject line. Your autoresponder makes this quick and easy.

  • Make sure your emails display accurately and clearly on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Include clear call-to-action buttons that guide people to the next steps you want them to take.

Law firm email marketing has the potential to help you grow your client base and strengthen relationships. Contact THAT Agency to learn more - and to start leveraging this powerful tool.

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