Are You Using Instagram Stories to Leverage Your Small Business?

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Since the introduction of stories to the Instagram platform, users have flocked from Snapchat to make waves in this temporarily appealing category. Some small business owners or un-tech savvy users might think “why would I post something if it just disappears after a day?” The perfect answer summed up: Because it’s easy and because people notice. Instagram stories are great to show time relevant updates about your business or show off your product/service in a real-time authentic and effortless approach rather than staging the perfect lighting and set-up for an engagement worthy photo that lives on your profile and makes up a grid of your business portfolio.

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Why should you use Instagram stories for business?

Instagram stories is a useful tool for small business to engage with existing followers and new leads. By keeping in mind a few techniques, you can leverage your profile using stories. Here are a few statistics on Instagram story usage:

  • 250 million = number of daily users
  • 28 minutes = the amount of time stories increased use by
  • 33% = of the most popular stories are from businesses
  • 20% = of stories posted by business owners result in a direct message

Making the Most of Your Stories

  1. Plan your goal ahead of time
  2. Choose the best time to post
  3. Make an impact within 4 seconds
  4. Shoot Your story vertically and make sure you have good lighting

Understanding Instagram Story Features to Add into Your Stories

  1. Use a Geotag to let users know your location
  2. Add a link to follow through with followers and send them where to view your product/service
  3. Turn a long video into multiple stories (Pro tip: this is a good way to test if your followers stay interested in your story)

Get creative! Remember to have a goal. Is it just for brand awareness or do you want your users to buy your product/service? If so, adding a link would be a good option to help users find what you are featuring. Similar to the techinuques you see in inbound marketing can be applied to your Instagram stories for business. Use call to actions, host a takeover, go behind the scenes, or offer something unique to spark their interest! It’s all ad space and since the age of marketing was created making yourself visible on all outlets will only lead your small business to success.

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