4 Ways to Make Your Instagram Stand Out

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If you feel like your product/service is something that has potential for the visually leading platform Instagram. When we look and trends and Instagram statistics, these tips can help you stand out when starting the first chapter of your ever-ending novel. Here are 4 ways to make your Instagram stand out:

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1. Stick to a Theme- If your business or brand already has a brand style guide with fonts, colors or ideas than that is perfect to base your Instagram’s’ theme from that is on brand. If not it may be a good idea to plan a theme for your Instagram.

Not a web design junky? That’s ok, there are free tools online that can help you align your marketing goals with a stylized theme. Adobe Color CC is a free browser based tool that allows you to create/select color palettes that can match what you are looking for. Explore complementary, compound, triad, and monochromatic color matches on an adjustable rainbow spectrum, or get inspiration from the explore tab for already created color spectrums. Whether you are looking for minimalist or vibrant you’ll find the perfect colors to base your Instagram’s story off of.

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2. Plan your Grid- Instagram is all about the layout. Because of the visual nature of the platform we not only need to take each photo into consideration before posting, but the stream of photos before. Does the previous photo match your theme/style and have relevancy to your new post? Your Instagram feed should tell a story.

When a viewer comes to your account they are looking for a pleasant experience. That experience can be determined by how organized your profile appears. If none of your photos relate to each other and it is in consistent it style, theme, and relevancy, there is a higher chance that viewer will disengage from your profile. After all they follow you because they see that your content is relevant to them. Maintaining that presence in a consistent manner will have positive effects to your account. Your last nine photos should tell a story, and that story is only a chapter in your ongoing novel.

3. Leverage Popular Styles- I am a firm believer in creating your own unique styles and inspiring others. But at the end of the day, once something is so widely known you will not be known as the “Einstein” of the follow me photos where the girl is holding a hand leading somewhere magical in the perspective of the camera lens.

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Sure, it’s always good to practice creativity, but you can also get inspired from others. Don’t be afraid to borrow trends and ideas from others that inspire you on Instagram. Integrate photography technique, tweak their copy, and create similar styles that you were drawn to. If something got a lot of engagement, its likely to work for you to.

4. Edit Your Photos- Most of the accounts you idolize rarely upload raw images. They likely used more than the Instagram photo editor tool within the platform too. Third party tools are a great way to make your photo stand out. Turn your sunsets into rainbows, brighten up your images, and sharpen a slightly blurred photo. Just try not to go overboard! Some third-party tools that are popular include:

You don’t have to be the master of web design to make your Instagram profile aesthetically pleasing, keep these tips in mind and some a try and see if you and others find your updated profile more appealing. Social media marketing takes strategy and patience. Inbound marketing backed with quality images and content can help your business grow.

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