Adobe Indesign Tutorial: Interactive PDF - Testimonials

31 October

Adobe Indesign Tutorial: Interactive PDF - Testimonials

level-of-difficulty-intermediateIn this tutorial, I will create an Interactive Slider for the Testimonial page using Adobe Indesign. I will also provide an Indesign template that you can download and use for your own projects (bottom of page). You will need to choose your own fonts, images and text content.

Note: This is not a beginners Adobe Indesign tutorial. I move pretty fast through the video. However, If you are familiar with Adobe Indesign, then you will find this project fairly easy. You can also view more of the working components in the Indesign file.

I have included a CC Indesign file and a CS4 Indesign file.

Included in the template:

  • Cover Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • 4 Individual Portfolio Pages
  • Testimonial Page w/slider
  • Contact Page w/form
  • Bookmarks
  • Icons

In next week's Adobe Indesign Tutorial, we'll be using Interactive PDF again, to create Contact Us forms. Stay tuned!


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