No One is Knocking: No Visitors for 40 Percent of UK Websites

11 April

No One is Knocking: No Visitors for 40 Percent of UK Websites

Picture a scene from an old western: a dusty ghost town, a few tumbleweeds, and a whole lot of nothing. Some UK websites offer the virtual version of the ghost town; incredibly, 40 percent of websites in the UK get no visitors. None. Are these sites unattractive? Hard to navigate? Who knows? No one is going there to find out.

CLICKSCENE Limited studied 10,000 UK websites. Besides the news that about four in ten sites are unvisited, it was revealed that 91 percent did not do any PPC advertising on the internet. Only nine percent used tools like AdWords. Managing Director of CLICKSCENE says, “The internet has been popular for more than 10 years now and individuals seem to have embraced it as an everyday part of life. But, in general, businesses haven’t quite got it yet. There were about one million new domain names registered in the UK in 2010 but if nothing changes, the vast majority of those will be very lonely places indeed.”

Chances are very good indeed that within the 4000 sites studied, there were scores of sites that are aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, and which provide relevant, high quality content. But all of that means very little if no one is getting there. This is where search engine optimization and pay per click advertising techniques become invaluable. As this study confirms, visibility is key. The best sites are like these ghost towns if traffic has no idea where and what they are.

It is hard to get noticed when there are literally millions of other sites that can offer similar content. That is why an effective SEO campaign is crucial. Making use of established and effective techniques can help you attract visitors. The time to start is now.

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