New iPhone 3GS Effect on Web Browsing

19 June

New iPhone 3GS Effect on Web Browsing

Every time a new method of surfing the Internet comes along, people everywhere wonder if we are in for a revolution or simply a slight change in the way we do things. With the release of the new iPhone 3GS from Apple, many are wondering what the effect on web browsing is going to be. The truth is that this amazing new iPhone 3GS likely won’t change things very much, but it may lengthen the amount of time people feel okay about being away from their laptop or office computer.

Just about everything on the new iPhone 3GS has been improved, from the software inside to the rounded and more comfortable feel on the outside. The impact on web browsing has more to do with email and load times than anything else. The new intuitive software helps to instantly link your phone to your email for effortless syncing in real time. This means that your iPhone 3GS doesn’t need to be docked, plugged in, or otherwise fed into a larger computer to get the information you need. This does foster a higher degree of independence, but it is unclear if it will actually change the way people surf the net. Taking things a bit further is the fact that load times have been significantly reduced, which should lead to people surfing the web using the iPhone’s built in Safari browser more than they did before. However, since Safari in iPhones loads and works in essentially the same way as Safari for Macs, the actually loading of pages and using of content should remain unchanged, but now people can do it on the go far more effectively than before.

So, will the new Apple iPhone 3GS change the way people use the Internet? Possibly. It will increase the amount of mobile web browsing people do and it will increase the amount of time people spend away from previously used forms of browsing. Thanks to similar software, however, the nuts and bolts of browsing should remain unchanged.

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