Firebug, A Coding Pyromaniac

18 December

Firebug, A Coding Pyromaniac

If you haven't heard the buzz about this little add-on to Mozilla's Firefox browser, let me enlighten you. Firebug is pure and simply one of the easiest ways to live-debug your CSS, Javascript and HTML pages. As a simple plug-in for the ever popular open source FireFox browser it's a perfect addition to your coding programs.

"Firebug is always just a keystroke away, but it never gets in your way. You can open Firebug in a separate window, or as a bar at the bottom of your browser. Firebug also gives you fine-grained control over which websites you want to enable it for." -

A few key features are:

- Inspect and edit HTML on the fly
- Tweak CSS within your browser/FireBug window
- Visualize CSS metrics and box models
- Accurately monitor network activity
- Debug and profile JavaScript problems
- Quickly find errors throughout your web docs
- Explore the DOM
- Execute JavaScript on the fly
- Logging for JavaScript

So if you're having issues with your code you've got to give this little FireFox add-on a try. Click here to download and install the plug-in for yourself.

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