Why Invest in Content Marketing?

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What is the value of content marketing? Content has become crucial in online marketing. It attracts customers and clients to websites and offers interesting content to followers on social media. It's a core way to build your brand. No inbound marketing strategy can survive today without it. Why invest in content marketing? In a single idea, it can make or break the value of your website.

Why Invest in Content Marketing | Value of Content Marketing | THAT Agency

Content Marketing as an Asset

The first thing to understand is that content creation supplies you with an asset that will continue to pay off years down the road. Unlike many other forms of advertising, it's not a one-off marketing push. A piece of content may do well for you now, continue earning a steady stream of visitors for the next year or two, and then have a second life because its SEO becomes relevant again. Content continues producing for a long, long time.

Content Marketing ROI

Content creation is reasonably priced, especially when considering how long it can keep paying off. It does take a commitment. You can't just put one or two pieces of content up and expect the hits to come rolling in. Content builds on itself over time. An effective content creation strategy is a long-term investment. Once you've built an audience, you're effectively not paying rent on the media that continues to feature the content. Your audience itself is doing much of the work to get your content – and thus your brand – shared with others.

Pull Marketing Works Better

The most unique value of content marketing is that it's much more likely to convert someone who sees it into a customer. You're not pushing an audience, many of whom have no interest in your products and services. You're pulling in people who are actively seeking you as a potential answer for something they've already sold themselves on. They're searching because they're very likely to buy from someone, and content marketing helps them trust you and tells them why that someone should be you.

Content is More Meaningful

People share what has meaning to them: a story, a motivation, a passion. Content creation serves all of these. Customers will become more loyal because they identify with the stories, facts, and motivations that they connect to in your content. Customers are more distrustful than ever today, and with good reason. Identifying with a brand is a commitment that takes more than slogans and a good website. It takes customers becoming invested in the personality of your brand.

A Foundation for Other Strategies

Every other strategy is made stronger through having an established base of content. Content creation builds social media followings and makes your customers look to you with a certain level of trust. This allows you to become a thought leader within your industry. When you begin to be able to shape your industry, starting in small ways and growing from there, you're able to plan ahead, guide the market, and create expectations in your customers that you're best suited to meet.

Why invest in content marketing? It gives you something unique in advertising: an asset that continues to develop leads long into the future. It brings customers and clients more likely to buy, share, and draw new customers in. It can be the difference between you reacting to new trends at the last minute - and you leading them.

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