The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtags on Instagram

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If you are posting content on Instagram, then you are already familiar with hashtags … or at least you should be! Hashtags are powerful tools to get more eyes on your content, more engagement, and even more new followers. Research shows that a post with Instagram hashtags averages 12.6% more engagement than a post without any hashtags. Therefore, if you want to get your product seen, it is important to have a strategy for using hashtags on Instagram.

Using Hashtags on Instagram | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

How Hashtags Work

Before you can create a strategy for using hashtags on Instagram, you need a quick overview of how Instagram hashtags work. Hashtags categorize content and help make it more discoverable. People can click on a hashtag or search for a hashtag to see posts that are tagged with said hashtag. Instagram users also have the ability to follow hashtags just like you would follow a page. Where your content appears in the search depends on the popularity of the hashtag, the popularity of your post, and when you posted your content. To see how many impressions your post received from its hashtags, you can click on the "View Insights" button under your post.

Using Hashtags on Instagram | THAT Agency of South Florida

How Many Hashtags to Use

You are able to use 30 hashtags on an Instagram post and 10 hashtags on an Instagram story. I recommend using as many Instagram hashtags as you can. After all, the purpose is to get your content seen. However, you want to make sure your hashtags are relevant to your content and to your business.

How to Create an INstagram Hashtag Strategy

When using hashtags on Instagram, make sure you:

1. Research Your Hashtags

Use the search bar on Instagram to research hashtags. This will show you the post count for that hashtag and it will also suggest other relevant hashtags. For example, if you search #yoga, you will also see #yogainspiration, #yogapants and #yogachallenge. However, try to include a mix of specific hashtags with the popular ones. The hashtag yoga may be popular with 62.7 million posts, but will your content get seen? The hashtag #yogabenefits has 26,500 posts, which is still an impressive number, but may provide you with more visibility.

2. Save Your Hashtags

Create a combination of hashtags that describes the content you share on a regular basis and will reach your target audience. Save them either on your phone or in another document so you can easily cut and paste the hashtags into your posts. That way you will only have to add a few more hashtags that are specific to each individual post.

3. Check the Effectiveness of Your Hashtags

If you feel like your Instagram engagement has hit a plateau, check to see how your hashtags are performing. Many social media reporting platforms are able to measure the results of hashtags. Swap out the hashtags that aren’t performing well, or those that have become stale, with new ones. This should be done on a regular basis, as social media is always changing.

Now that you understand the basics of using hashtags on Instagram, you can create your own hashtag strategy. Like any marketing plan, it takes time and resources. If your business needs help with its social media marketing, THAT Agency is here. Contact us today!

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