What Trends Are Coming to Digital Marketing in 2022?

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If the coming year has a keyword, we are going to make an educated guess that it’s “disruption.” We are living in wild times: a global pandemic, unprecedented labor shortages, surging demand in many industries, new technologies, ever-increasing competition for attention spans and wallet shares…. It’s not a perfect storm. It’s a tsunami followed by a hurricane followed by a tornado wrapped up in a good ol’ nor’easter! But perhaps, “disruption” isn’t quite right. “Adaptation” may be a better choice for 2022. 

As a marketing professional, you have significant challenges ahead. Anticipating digital marketing trends for 2022 allows you to adapt - and ultimately to survive and thrive.

digital marketing trends 2022

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Ready to kick some 2022 butt?

  1. It’s All About Multi-Channel Marketing 

Where do you interact with customers? The answer we’re looking for is “everywhere.” It is no longer feasible to rely on one channel (e.g. cold-calling, your website, social).

Multi-channel marketing involves a coordinated, multifaceted effort to reach your target audience across platforms. This means that your website, blog, social media profiles, groups, podcasts/webinars, and in-person presences are aligned, consistent, and cohesive. 

Someone visiting your website should get the same type of brand experience that someone visiting your office/showroom/storefront has. And they should be able to move seamlessly across each without missing a beat. 

Pro Tip: Create unique, high-quality content for each channel - but make sure they all convey your brand voice.

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  1. Get Comfortable with Hybrid

The pandemic changed how we played, learned, socialized, worked, and purchased. Even as we return to a sort of “normal,” some of these changes will stick around. Hybrid events are one of them. And we say, it’s about time! We love in-person events; face-to-face contact is invaluable, and this is a great way to highlight your brand differentiators. But that’s just not possible in some cases - and just not comfortable for many consumers in others. 

Adapt. Hybrid events offer the chance to add a virtual component to in-person functions. Allow people to join you from their couches, their dining rooms, their she-sheds… wherever they are comfortable and ready to participate. Not only will you accommodate those in your target audience who would go to a live event if circumstances were different, but you can also grab a whole new segment of people who wouldn’t have.

  1. Bite-Sized Content 

Consumers have a voracious appetite for content. But… they don’t want entrees. They want appetizers and tapas. Come on, we’re all busy. When we see content that promises “5 Ways to Fix a Clogged Sink” or “3 Steps to Take After a Car Accident,” or “10 Tips for Finding a Primary Care Doctor,” we want that info in easily digestible bites. This is especially true of video and social content. Think informative and quick. TikTok videos and Reels, for example, may be 30 seconds, but they are memorable and impactful. 

Now, there is a bit of a “but” here. Long-form content performs exceptionally well when it comes to search engine results. And this makes sense: when people are digging into a topic, when they want the what, why, and how, they turn to longer content to answer those questions. So, when you are planning your menu, coordinate your apps with your entrees for a fully satisfying experience.

  1. Social Is Going Strong

When you think about digital marketing trends for 2022, does social media come to mind? No? We don’t blame you. It’s not new. You may even be sick of hearing about social marketing! But… it’s here, and we need to prioritize this channel in the coming year. 

The number of people using social media is growing, as is the amount of time they spend on their platforms of choice. Folks spend an average of 145 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., each day, and they’re not just looking for memes or cat videos. They’re looking to engage with brands, gather information, and make informed decisions. Be in on the conversion. Lead the conversation. 

  1. AR and AI Are A Must

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are not science fiction. They’re 2022 facts. This technology can be used in a myriad of ways - and can make your job as a marketing professional, if not easy, then easier. 

For example, AI can help you identify influencers (keeping in mind that we’re seeing a distinct shift to “micro-influencers,” which deliver more bang for your marketing buck).

This technology is capable of watching, assessing, and evaluating millions of bits and bytes of influencer content in a way that is just not possible for human eyes and ears. Through predictive AI, you can also move towards a model where you pay only for conversions, thus filtering out all the noise and moving right towards an ROI.

What about AR? It’s fast becoming mainstream. Think about Instagram; users can create their own filters with ease. If they can follow a recipe, they can more easily follow directions to make a filter!

Brands can use this technology to allow consumers to do everything from seeing how a particular lamp or piece of furniture looks in their living room to point their phone at their feet to get information on the best sizing, style, fit, and brand for their next pair of hiking boots. 

The applications of AI and AR are limitless. Or perhaps, just limited by imagination!

Where Will You Go in 2022? 

From multi-channel marketing to artificial intelligence, 2022 is going to be a big year. Is your marketing game up for the challenge? Of course! You don’t get into this field by being afraid of stormy weather. You are going to charge into the new year full speed ahead… and we are here to help you adapt, survive, and thrive. 

Get your digital marketing strategy geared up for 2022. Contact THAT Agency today.

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