How Do You Promote a Luxury Brand?

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Top luxury brands know they are not selling clothes, hotel accommodations, luggage, jewelry, shoes, or accessories… they are selling a lifestyle.  They are selling a promise, an experience, a story. Customers are not only willing to pay higher prices, they expect to do so in order to get the quality and exclusivity they value. That said, how do you promote your brand and ensure that it captures the attention of the audience you want to target?Top Luxury Brands | Luxury Brand Development | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida

Expect More: Deliver More

A key to luxury brand development is to set remarkably high standards - for yourself and for each and every item you offer. Your potential and current clients already have seemingly impossible standards: you must meet - and exceed - them. One way to do this is with immersive experiences.

Make sure every step of the purchase journey is as positive and as personalized as possible. From creating a welcoming atmosphere at your location (and online) to sending “Welcome” gifts to new clients, you must stand apart from the competition based on the experiences you provide.

Give Insight Into Your Creative Process

Today’s consumers want exclusive luxury products - but they do not want to be excluded from the process of creating them. Telling the story, or better yet, showing it through personalized invites, demonstrations, and/or videos, of how your items come into being is essential for your luxury brand development. Clients will feel as if they’re witnessing the birth of something exceptional, and they will want to take the journey with you.

Luxury icon Bentley, for example, offers tours of its facility in Crewe, England, so owners and potential owners can see the spectacle of their bespoke vehicles’ creation in person. Watching the craftsperson hand stitching the full grain Nappa leather or painstakingly painting the exterior is awe-inspiring - and part of the incredible story behind owning the product.

Details, Details, Details

To use Bentley as an example again: it takes an astonishing 86 hours to paint the exterior of their gorgeous Mulsanne models. Eighty-six! Their professionals are beyond meticulous, and eagle-eye inspectors detect minute flaws that no one else would ever notice - and then they rectify them. Nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

Top luxury brands understand that attention to detail makes all the difference. This is true in terms of your products, but also when it comes to the experience clients have with you. They demand that every aspect, from your website to your social profiles to your physical location are designed to accommodate them. Just as one misstep can mar a perfect Bentley paint job, failing to consider the details can mar your relationships with customers.

When you look at the marketing efforts of top luxury brands, they make it look effortless. This is how it appears and should appear to your clients - but it is far from reality. It takes concerted effort. But when you focus on experiences, stories, and the seemingly tiny details that define luxury products, you can promote your brand effectively and capture the attention, imagination, and patronage of the right clientele.

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