Which Social Networks Should Your Business Target?

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A digital marketing agency in Palm Beach County learns a lot about featuring social media as the core of your advertising campaign. You may find yourself pursuing every social media platform equally. This can lead to making inroads in none of them. You have to be aware of your social media marketing target audience: the niche you use to form your brand's most loyal community of customers.

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Focus on Usefulness

The best approach is to focus in on one or two primary social media platforms. Posts here can be shared across every other platform very easily, but your efforts and marketing money are best spent pushing on a select few platforms that give you best access to your target audience.

A Hubspot poll found that more than half of respondents cited Facebook as the social network where they'd spent the most time in the coming year. This makes it the most obvious choice for marketing campaigns. The platform's nature allows posts to be leaned toward writing, images, and video. This gives you range – blend those elements together or lean into the one you're business does best.

The Facebook Dilemma

There's just one thing. While 52% of respondents said Facebook is where they'd spend the most time, nearly 36% said it's where they expect to spend the least time. Facebook is a polarizing social media space now. It could be the platform where you have best access to your customers...or it could be the platform where your target customers are only using the platform to message grandma and like a friend's birthday post before logging off.

Facebook users trend younger, but this is true of all social media. In fact, Facebook gives some of the best access to older customers. A full 62% of those 65 and older use Facebook, compared to just 10% using Twitter.

A Target Audience Example

Instagram gives you superb access if your social media marketing target audience is women. 38% of women online use Instagram, compared to just 26% of men. And while Instagram is larger than Pinterest, the latter may give you more even better return. 45% of women online use Pinterest, compared to only 17% of men. Pinterest also leans heavily toward suburban users.

These are the broadest demographics, but they begin to shape how you look at the usefulness of these different platforms. If you're a jewelry company, for instance, you're selling something very visual in an industry dominated by women customers. Does it make sense to pump your advertising money into Facebook, where you'll find only slightly more women, and where imagery is accompanied by explanations and visual noise?

Or does it make sense to lead with Instagram, a primarily visual platform dominated by women, and link out to Pinterest boards that drive larger concepts like weddings or celebrities wearing certain styles of jewelry?

In the latter example, you still use Facebook, but it's not primary. It's a hub to send people out to social media platforms that are more useful and more targeted.

You will end up using Facebook, but it's a mistake to think that it should be your primary focus in every case. Too many other elements influence its usefulness for many in delivering the brand identity they want to convey. The ideal plan shifts by industry, business, location, and target audience. As a digital marketing agency in Palm Beach County, THAT Agency has access to a breadth of experience covering a diverse range of luxury customers. Contact us today!

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