3 Reasons Your SEO Optimized Content Isn’t Compelling

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Sadly, it's a common occurrence. You're creating SEO optimized content, but you aren't seeing an increase in conversions. If this sounds familiar, read on.

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Reason #1 – You're writing for spiders

Sure, "spiders" crawl your website to determine your rankings in the search engine results, but people are the ones who interact with your content. Don't lose sight of what those human website visitors are looking for: good information. When creating SEO optimized content, make sure that that content is adding value in the eyes of your target audience.

Reason #2 – You're writing for robots

Features and benefits are integral parts of any product or service. However, you need to go beyond features and benefits if you want to get your website visitors to convert.

Unlike robots, humans have emotions. Trigger those emotions by employing empathy marketing. Tell a story with which your target audience can relate. Storytelling marketing is an excellent way to convey just how much better your product or service can make life by saving time, money, and/or headache.

Reason #3 – You Aren't Directing traffic

Picture a busy intersection complete with stop-and-go lights. When the light turns green, the drivers confidently guide their vehicles through the intersection without a moment's pause. Now picture that same busy intersection without stop-and-go lights. At best, when the drivers approach the intersection, they hesitate briefly before guiding their vehicles through. At worst, they turnaround and find an alternate route.

If you imagine your website like that intersection, you can see the importance of providing visitors with direction. Hesitation is the enemy of conversion. Stop for a second and you have enough time to change course. Be sure to direct your website traffic smoothly down the path to conversion using calls to action -- otherwise your directionless website visitors will bounce.

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