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Small business SEO isn’t like optimization for other companies. There are actually several reasons for that, but maybe the most important two are those that resonate with almost every small business in the world today - SEO is time-consuming, and it can be expensive. Despite those two simple facts, though, small business SEO is possible, and these simple SEO practices can help

It All Starts with Your Website

SEO, obviously, starts with your website itself. If you don’t have a website or you haven’t updated it since the early 2000s, you have to start by addressing that problem. If you’re just building a site, build something that’s intuitive to use. Build something people will want to look at, stay on, and continually revisit. You’ll want links that naturally lead from one space to another, great content throughout, and well-designed space. 

Use keywords where you can, and above all, make sure your site can be viewed well on any screen from phones to PCs. If you already have a website, but you haven’t made changes in years, this is the best time to make those changes. The advice for those building new websites holds for those revising their sites to address today’s best SEO practices. Make certain your site is user-friendly, simple to navigate, and looks great on any screen. 

Whether you’re revising or building from scratch, though, one key to remember is that you should make certain Google has actually indexed your site. You can check through your search console, and if it’s never been indexed, you can submit it to the search engines so it will be indexed. 


Think About Links

Your site should have lots of links from one space to another in the site. You probably also have links to other sites. You’ll want to review all of those links on a regular basis. Broken links on a website or links that don’t lead where you might expect them to can create real problems both for users and search engines. Google could even change your rank if you have too many broken links. 

Those links that you have on your site, though, aren’t the only ones to consider. Instead, you want to have links that point to your site as well, but not just any link will do. Many small business owners believe they can simply sprinkle their link across the internet through link farms and the like and experience the power of a good backlink, and that’s just not true. Google will only recognize your efforts if you’re obtaining relevant backlinks that could actually be helpful for your customers. 

There Are Many Types of SEO

Type the term “SEO” into any search engine, and you’re quickly going to figure out that it is a very big field. There’s mobile SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO, and so much more. Understanding each can be a little confusing, but you’ll want to do what you can to focus on the key tips in each area. Mobile SEO is just a way to optimize your site better for mobile users. If you have a responsive web design and you’re using keywords and building content for those using voice search, you’re already taking the right first steps for mobile SEO. 

Local SEO is the process of making brick-and-mortar companies more visible to consumers who are out and about. It starts with claiming your Google My Business Listing, then adding content to your site that matters to local customers. Technical SEO is all of the little stuff small business owners don’t always have time to deal with, so it may make sense to find a professional team that can help you address this aspect.  

SEO and Paid Search Can Go Hand in Hand

If you’re already using some paid search ads, working on your SEO may also help make your company a bit more visible. You can use the two together to help expand your current keyword strategy. You can also use them together to help promote your most compelling copy. If you like the results you’re seeing from paid search and you have the marketing budget to keep it up, understand that it offers powerful, instant results while SEO offers powerful, long term results

Taking the Next Step

If, after implementing these techniques, you’re looking to do a little more with SEO, your best next step is to hire a team to help. While it can get pricey, it’s also an investment that is certain to pay off as the number of unique visitors to your site begins to increase and your sales numbers follow suit. Before you take that step forward, though, know enough about SEO to know what your goals are and where you want the most help from a professional team. 

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