The Most Important Thing You Need to Sell More Cars

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You want to sell more cars. That makes sense, of course. If you own a car dealership, your first priorities are serving customers, moving inventory and making a profit. But that’s easier said than done, especially in today’s ultra-competitive market. When traditional hard-sale, high-pressure tactics fail to net results, what can you do? Listen. Yes, really! 

Learning to Listen

The reality: most people stink at listening. Many people “listen” - simply waiting for their turn to respond. If this is your approach, you’re missing critical nuances. Nuances that help you understand the other party’s point of view, ferret out their concerns, figure out their positions, and ultimately make the sale.

Sell More Cars

Another hard reality: research shows that most people hate the conventional car buying process. Why? They do not like dealing with salespeople who they perceive to be after one thing, and one thing only: to earn a cushy commission and “bully” them into paying too much for a vehicle.

This is the perception. When you make the reality in your dealership one of listening, and responding, to customer needs, you can turn the tides in terms of customer trust and sales.

Listening tips

If you want to learn how to listen effectively, here are a few steps you can take:

Listen for the Facts

First, make sure that you pay attention to any facts and information shared when someone is talking with you. Sounds easy. But often, emotions and competing thoughts get in the way.

Stop. Focus. Listen.

What is the person trying to convey to you? “I can afford a $450 a month payment.” Don’t twist that into $500; listen to what they’re saying. Today’s consumers are savvy enough to know the trick of the sales trade; you must be savvy enough to learn more effective strategies.


What a customer says is important; how they say it is critical. In the automotive world, you will be able to understand exactly what your customer is hoping to find if you pay attention. This should help you to narrow down the choices so that you’re able to point them toward the right vehicles. The faster you’re able to point them in the right direction, the happier you’ll both be and the faster you’ll be able to sell more cars.

LISTEN with Your Entire Body

Also, make sure that you make eye contact when you’re listening. It can be easy to let your eyes drift around the lot, or the office, to see if someone else needs help or to double check what’s going on with your co-workers. Don’t!

Focus on looking in the customers' eyes as they talk. This makes them feel like they’re being heard. It also should help you to be able to pay attention to what they’re saying much easier.

Likewise, pay attention to your body language. Do you appear bored or impatient? Or do you convey the message that you’re glad to spend the time they need to get them the car they want? Whether it’s looking at your watch, sneaking peeks at paperwork or tapping your fingers, body language speaks volumes.

An automotive marketing agency can help you to promote your business effectively and build trust with customers. But only your sales team can improve the listening skills and communication techniques your dealership needs to sell more cars in today’s market.

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