How to Take Great Product Photos for Social Media

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Social media has evolved to the point where grainy shots or blurry product photos won’t make the cut, especially on Instagram. To compete in today’s market, beautiful, high-quality lifestyle and product photos for social media are essential.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to invest in a professional photographer, camera or studio (although it helps!). Given the quality of today’s iPhone and mid-range cameras, anyone can take a great shot. Here are some simple product photography techniques:


Know Your Brand

First and foremost, it’s important that you take a deep dive into what your brand is all about and how you want to portray it to the world. Consider this: 78% of consumers rely on companies’ social media posts to help them make purchasing decisions, according to a recent Forbes study. That said, it’s important for your brand to put its best foot forward when it comes to content creation on all social media platforms.


Lighting is probably one of the most important aspects of photography, whether shooting lifestyle- or product-focused photos for social media. If you don’t have professional lighting, our best tip is to shoot outside on an overcast day, mid-morning or early evening to avoid the harsh shadows that can sometimes get in the way.  Can’t go outside? Set up shop next to a window to capture the best natural lighting. There are also several wallet-friendly lighting kits you can buy on Amazon if natural lighting just isn’t your thing.

While we would obviously recommend a professional photographer with exquisite lighting equipment and a crisp backdrop, we know that’s not always possible. Your best friend when it comes to product shots specifically is as simple as a white poster board! We recommend a simple white background, especially when starting out, because it’s clean, straightforward and less distracting.

Do you have a good camera? Great! Just make sure to read the manual and take a course on camera settings to make sure you take the best shot possible using proven product photography techniques before editing. Can’t afford a camera with all the bells and whistles? Don’t fret! Your iPhone or other smartphone has the capabilities to produce great imagery that most consumers can’t differentiate from the real thing.


When it comes to social media posts, we’d recommend straying from just simply posting a photo of your product. Rather, your posts should help tell your brand’s story. For example, when selling a handbag, consider including the contents of the handbag or how you would style the bag!

Be creative! There are so many ways to capture a product, whether it’s a different angle or location, so have fun with it.

Edit your photos! But don’t use filters. Use an editing software of your choice to fine-tune your image. Make small changes to improve the brightness and contrast, but don’t distract your followers with edits that skew reality too much.

These are just a few things to consider when thinking about product photos for social media. Showing rather than telling comes into play in today’s media landscape, so take the necessary steps to make the most of your brand’s online presence.

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