What To Do After Your New Website Launch

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You’ve just celebrated your new website launch! Look at that beautiful site and all those user-friendly functions! It’s exciting - but if you’re tempted to kick back and relax, remember that the fun is only just beginning. The next steps involve ensuring that this new asset works as hard - and as smart - for your brand as possible.

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Your Website Post Launch Checklist

  • Get Ready to Track. The first step is setting up an analytics tool to monitor and measure website performance. Your website will likely include tracking code for Google Analytics or another solution. Identify your key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure you’re watching the appropriate metrics at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals to get a sense of initial success and ongoing traction.

    With Google Analytics, you can track pages that are most visited, target keywords, track bounce rates, and use insights to direct your marketing and advertising strategies.

  • Increase Visibility. Clarify your goals around search traffic: what keywords and phrases do you want to rank for? Build a strategy that will help you reach the first page (and preferably the top of the first page) for terms related to your industry, products, and services. SEO is a must for visibility and traffic generation, and original, high-quality content is integral.

  • Don’t Neglect Local SEO. As mobile search explodes, many people are looking for local businesses and services. They want an answer (whether it’s the best sushi restaurant is or an experienced personal injury attorney) - and they want it now. With geo-location technology, Google can provide them with hyper-targeted results.

    Include maps, images, hours, contact information, and optimize content by location (e.g., best personal injury lawyer in Delray Beach). Make sure your Google My Business and other local directory profiles are up-to-date, complete, and accurate.

  • Develop a Strong Content Strategy. Content marketing is more than a buzzword today: it is crucial for success. Some large websites have tens of thousands of pages - but when content is neither unique nor optimized, it will not help these brands achieve advantageous rankings in the search engine results pages. Your content must also provide value to visitors. Focus on why you do what you do and how it will help visitors achieve their unique goals or solve their problems.

    Conduct a content inventory so you have a clear sense of the material you have already. Is it compelling? Does it include calls to action? Can people find it easily? Does it answer key questions? If necessary, rewrite pieces and delete others that do not add value. You can also find the gaps where you need to create content.

  • Align Your Website with Social Channels. Your website has an important role in your marketing strategy, but it shouldn’t have to work by itself. Add social buttons to your website, share content on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, post video on YouTube, and encourage people to share, leave reviews, and interact with your brand across channels. 

There is certainly a lot to do after a new website launch. Beyond the website post launch checklist outlined above, THAT Agency can help you navigate the terrain and ensure this invaluable asset is offering a solid return on investment and helping you reach your business-building goals.

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