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2019 is here and content is speeding across the web faster than ever. Static images such as photos with text, info-graphics, and illustrations don't always cut it in this day and age. In these instances, marketing videos can save the day. But what kinds of marketing videos are there, and how can you leverage them to enhance your brand? 


Here are five types of marketing videos that can take your brand to the next level. Aaaaaaand ... action!

1. Personal Messaging Videos

Email marketing is a great way to keep your clients and fans eager to learn more about your brand. But, in the past, standard emails have always been text with little imagery. This is because of how different devices and email applications display email messages. However, there is a way to remove the barriers to display that could get in the way of using marketing videos in your email messaging: embedding.

Adding an embedded video could be the “it” factor you need to get folks excited about seeing an email update from you. Pro tip: To get maximum play from your video investment, try to make your email marketing videos as personalized as possible while maintaining a broad enough approach so that your videos can do double duty across list segments. 

2. Brand Videos

Who are you? What is your high-level vision and mission? This is where you tell your brand's story. Share your corporate culture, personality, and work ethic with this. But don’t make this project harder than what it needs to be.

Big companies don’t use hard-to-understand metaphors to describe their brands in marketing videos, so you shouldn’t either. Make sure your brand video is clear, concise, and to the point, otherwise you will confuse potential clients.

3. Testimonial Videos

Who would tell your story better than you? Your previous clients, that’s who. They are your biggest advocates when it comes to gaining new clients. The key here is to touch on big points where you and your brand went above and beyond the competition to get results. To do this, come up with specific questions that could gear the conversation toward a positive and results-driven direction. 

4. Instructional Videos

Whether you sell a product or service, educational or instructional marketing videos could build a foundation for current and future clients to better understand and appreciate your business and solutions. These videos are also great tools for sales teams to share with clients when in the field. Use instructional videos to leverage your knowledge and expertise in your industry and set some trends. 

5. Event Videos

Hosting or attending an upcoming conference, fundraiser, or training event? These are all excellent filming opportunities. Take advantage and capture videos at events to highlight what you and your brand are doing -- not only in the community, but also in leading your industry. 

Using these five different ways to market your company, products, and services with video could give new life to your brand, clients, and fans in 2019. Remember: People love to see the “human side” of a business, and video is an engaging way to put a face to a company.

If you need help with setting up or filming your marketing videos, call (561) 832-6262. The team at THAT Agency has an expert crew ready to capture new video superstars in 2019. Let’s get to work!

And, to help you with planning and tracking your marketing efforts (video and otherwise), download our free marketing calendar template.

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