10 Digital Marketing Tips for Luxury Brands

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Digital marketing has spread to nearly every brand out there today. Some, though, were slower than others to adopt the medium, namely luxury brands. Online marketing just didn't seem to hold much appeal for brands reserved for top-tier customers. That, however, is changing fast.


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In fact, a McKinsey report suggests that digital marketing influences nearly 45% of all luxury sales today. Just because more luxury brands are open to digital marketing, though, doesn't mean automatic success. Instead, it's just as complex to market luxury brands online as it is to reach customers in the world of print and display advertising.

What's a luxury brand to do to ensure success in this space? These tips from THAT Agency, an industry-leading luxury marketing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida, can help.


10 Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands Online

  1. Visual Appeal Translates to Sales: A photo is going to inspire many brand buyers far more than any other medium. As such, ensure that you're focused on marketing the visual appeal of your product through channels like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

  2. Display Distinctiveness: A distinctive, exclusive product is absolutely fundamental to those in love with luxury brands. It makes it scarce and rare. How does that fit with the fact that you can get anything on the internet? It's an equation that scares many luxury brands. The key, though, is to display a brand's distinctiveness and evoke the desire for those products, not create a wider distribution of the actual product. If you display just how exclusive it is, those customers will still come to the brand.

  3. Integrate the Physical and Online: Keeping a single brand image is difficult as a customer moves from the virtual to the physical, but it is possible, and it's vital for luxury brands online. Both experiences should have the same feel. Customers should move between virtual and physical worlds seamlessly.

  4. User Experience Matters on Websites: Most luxury brands have an absolutely stunning website. The best part about these sites, though, ends there. Often they take an extensive amount of time to load, and the visual nature of these sites means the user experience is almost nonexistent. Functionality is just as important as the beauty of the site itself. (That's why it's recommended you turn to an experienced luxury marketing agency for web design services. DIY web design doesn't cut it with luxury brand website users.)

  5. The Story Reigns Supreme: Storytelling has long been hailed as essential to a brand's success, and that's true for luxury brands too. The values that define the company concern luxury buyers, and communicating that means customers are assured of the quality and performance behind the brand.

  6. Populate the Inbox: Email marketing has long been popular for a number of different brands, and luxury brands are little different in that regard. Make sure you utilize this medium by building an extensive list and delivering content that educates potential customers and lets them know more about new products.

  7. Facebook, Anyone? Facebook ads remain one of the single most effective forms of advertising available today thanks to their targeting ability. Building an ad just for individuals who are in the right area and enjoy other luxury brands is a great way to reach out.

  8. Build Ambition: You may have read about aspirational content in the past and discounted the idea. Building ambition through aspirational content, though, is more powerful than you think. In fact, it can be linked to an individual's identity, and that means speaking to a deep, powerful part of a potential customer that you can't reach through any other means. It could also result in thousands of social shares.

  9. Don't Underestimate SEO: The methods by which search engines rank a site is crucial, no matter what the site may be. With better optimization, it's possible to even make the search engine results for a luxury brand a beautiful, high quality experience.

  10. Make It Look Cool: You want customers to share a luxury product online. To do that, you have to make content easy to display the moment a customer buys in. Build content that makes customers look phenomenal. It could make them look more stylish, more intelligent, or just downright awesome. Whatever it will do for your customers, though, ensure it's easy to share.


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