3 Luxury Lifestyle Marketing Secrets Revealed

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Building a brand experience that is absolutely integral for a consumer's life is the dream of many startup companies. Think for a moment about the lifestyle brands you know now - Jeep, Apple, Under Armor, North Face. The idea is that it captures and communicates the ideal version customers have of themselves. Not all lifestyle brands, though, compete in the wider marketplace. Luxury lifestyle marketing is possible too. In fact, luxury buyers tend to be more loyal, but only to brands that define an experience to them.

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How can you ensure your next advertising or marketing campaign does exactly that and positions your brand as so much more that any single product but - as a lifestyle? Here are a few secrets that may help you with the luxury lifestyle marketing of your brand.

1. Narrow Your Focus

Multiple studies have found that brands that focus on a few well-chosen aspects have far more success than those trying to build a wider appeal. For luxury brands, this is even more important.

Even if you think your brand is important for multiple reasons, consumers are going to see you fairly narrowly, and playing to that can be a real strength for your company. Clarify your company's identity so you know what your customers connect with most, then market that aspect of your company over anything else.

2. Create an Individual Connection

Studies have shown that 45% of luxury customers are looking for personalized products and services. If you haven't already added an individual connection to your marketing, the time is now. It means customers will perceive heightened customer service, and that could spell additional engagement.

To make it happen, carefully analyze your customers. Build targeted luxury advertisements and marketing campaigns, and routinely articulate that you see each customer as an individual who matters to your brand. Let them know that their perspective is integral in your mission.

3. Use Data to Create Loyalty

Information about your customers is virtually everywhere today. Don't just assume that they will find what they need in your brand. Instead, use the information you have to anticipate exactly what they need from you. Know what they might want to purchase and the best way to do that.

The better you become at anticipating your customers' next moves, the better your overall sales numbers are going to be. More than that, though, you're going to build a community of loyal customers who will turn to you repeatedly because you've become a lifestyle brand for them.

Luxury lifestyle marketing can be complex, but with THAT Agency, you have a partner on your side. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop the right luxury advertisements and marketing campaigns.

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