How Can I Get More Legal Clients?

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The key to success as a lawyer? Is it keen legal insight? Meticulous research? Tenacious negotiating skills? Pizzazz in front of a jury? Yes, all of these are critical - but even with them you will not reach your goals if you don’t have the clients you need to support your firm or practice. It’s that simple. Generating leads and securing new clientele, however, may not seem quite as easy. Here are some tips to help.

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1. Work on Cultivating Referrals

Satisfied clients are a major source of referrals, and many attorneys see most of their business come through this avenue. But don’t take it for granted that your clients will recommend you: tell them you are interested in referrals and the type of work in which you specialize and in what areas you would like to strengthen your practice. Also utilize contacts in your space: for example, if you are a real estate lawyer, reach out to brokers and agents.

2. Create High-Quality Original Content

Legal blogs are a simple, yet effective, way to demonstrate your expertise in your area and reach a wider, broader audience. When people have a legal question, they turn online. They search for “What do I do if I’m charged with DUI?” or “best personal injury lawyer in South Florida.” They want answers. You can deliver them, and this raises your profile and establishes trust. It makes it more likely that leads will take action and contact you or your firm.

3. Utilize Online Tools

You cannot ignore the online space if you want to stand apart from your competitors and attract new business to your practice or firm. With effective Google AdWords management, for example, you can display advertisements, service offerings, video content, and even create mobile app installs. You can also get keyword ideas that will help you optimize your ads and your content.

4. Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

This is vital. An iLawyerMarketing survey found that 84% of respondents would only hire firms with online ratings of four stars or more. Whether your reviews are less than stellar or you do not have any, you need to reach out to clients and respectfully ask that they leave a review. Make it easy for them by giving them a quick step-by-step and the right links.

5. Network

Online and in-person, make sure you set aside time to network and build contacts. LinkedIn is one powerful resources that allows you to reach out and connect with leads, existing clients, professionals in related fields, and others who can help build your client list. This is an ongoing effort. Networking never ends!

Does this sound like a lot of complex work? It certainly can be. Contact THAT Agency for assistance in everything from developing legal blogs to strategic AdWords management. Building a client list is critical: we can help.

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