How Does Interactive Content Help Me Generate Leads

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Interactive content. It surrounds your social media and online experiences on a daily basis, and for good reason. It has the power to create engagement among customers and users in a way static content simply doesn’t, and no more than ever, digital marketing plans are beginning to add interactive content to help ensure a customer’s journey is shorter than ever. 

What is Interactive Content?

If you’re not quite familiar with the concept, interactive content is any content that encourages users to do something besides reading, watching, or listening. It pushes active participation from potential customers, and whether they’re answering questions, selecting a preference, or even voting, it’s a great way to make sure customers are engaged with your brand. 

interactive content for businesses

What Kinds of Interactive Content Can You Incorporate?

The potential for interactive content is limitless, but there are some options that are more effective than others. 

  • Quizzes: While you may have dreaded a quiz while you were in school, they tend to capture people at rates higher than any other type of interactive content. After all, they can be entertaining and engaging, and they’re a great way to understand customer pain points. If you plan to develop a quiz, be sure to define your goal and target audience from the outset. Know what you want to do before you develop the quiz. It will not only help you develop the questions themselves but also better understand what data to collect. 
  • Calculators: Getting your customers to the bottom of the sales funnel as quickly as possible could be as simple as developing an interactive calculator. It will solve a specific problem for them and help you close the deal quickly. To build the best possible calculator, know where customers would be in the sales funnel when they use the sales calculator and what numbers they’ll need to be convinced. Keep your calculator as simple as possible, though, as the more complex it gets, the more likely you are to lose them in the process. 
  • Contests: Interactive online content marketers certainly didn’t invent the contest. It’s a long-used tool that has found success in almost every type of marketing, and interactive marketing online is a little different. There are many options here. Consider what your users are most likely to participate in before you decide on your contest. It could just be a simple photo contest using user-generated photos or it could be something more complex like a product customization or guessing game. 
  • Product Recommenders: People want to discover what you have to offer, but if they’re unfamiliar with your brand, that can be complicated. A product recommender can capitalize on current trends, push your big-ticket items, or even tap into what other customers are doing most on your website. These are not only interactive, helping to better engage customers, but they may also position you as a truly helpful resource in customers’ lives, making you an asset they just can’t live without. If you choose to use this technology, capitalize on real-time statistics from customers so you can better put it to use among potential buyers. 
  • Chatbots: Many people overlook the power of a chatbot when they think about interactive content, but statistics suggest nearly 80% of people have interacted with one at some point. People are becoming more comfortable with them than ever before, and that will allow customers and companies alike to expand the chatbot universe and incorporate them more. Use them for customer service, to answer questions quickly, or for whatever makes sense for your customers. 

What Benefits Can Interactive Content Provide?

The benefits of incorporating any kind of interactive content into your marketing materials are enormous. It pushes people from visitor to customer quickly, and it helps you collect data about the people who are using your brand. 

Studies have shown that interactive content better engages the audience, allows for additional data collection, and increases conversion rates at much higher levels than static content might. It offers you pinpoint specific data on the objectives of your customers, allows you to immediately see which leads are ready to convert, and builds a personalized experience you may not be able to get without it. 

Interactive content is the perfect way to enhance your site in 2022, but if you’re not quite sure where to begin, maybe it’s time to bring in the experts. With great ideas and the knowledge to implement them within your site, our team of experts can ensure your interactive content is a hit. Learn more about what we can do to meet your interactive content and other marketing needs in the upcoming year when you contact us today.

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