How to Benefit from Intent Marketing

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If a single marketing trend could characterize the past several months, intent marketing is it. This is one space where access to big data is really paying off, and many companies are looking to revamp their entire strategy based on the potential of this concept. It could mean serious rewards for you company, but the key to getting started is understanding what's behind it.

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What Is It?

Intent marketing is customer-based marketing. It means providing customers with what they really want in the moment. Instead of ad campaigns that go out to an audience that may or may not respond, intent marketing is focused on the individual customer.

The goal is to draw people into the sale by earning every single one of them. It allows you to better prioritize your prospects, target particular people, and leverage their intent to buy.

How Can You Get Intent Data?

You'll begin gathering data both on and off your site. Your goal is to figure out what a given user's intent might be to better nail down the process, and to make that happen, you don't just use the data you're probably currently collecting.

Instead, you'll need to look at off-site publishers and search engines along with your on-site data. Social listening can help, as can correlating your CRM with your marketing efforts. Online polls and forms are the source of data for many companies.

As with any marketing trend, many new tools are being developed specifically to offer you intent data that manage to tie everything together in one clear package.

How Can You Make It Work For Your Company?

To make intent marketing work for your company, you need to begin by identifying who your buyers are. The chances are good you already have that information on hand. You're inputting user data every single day, and intent marketing makes use of that.

Once you know that, you can move on to understanding what your buyers are doing. Activity levels, downloads, and the like are all part of this information. That allows you to build a profile of your ideal customers and begin predicting which ones are most likely to buy.

The Benefits

The benefits of intent marketing are clear. It allows you to better plan your strategy and get the results you want. What's more, though, is that you're going to optimize engagement and personalize your brand in real time, something today’s customers clearly appreciate. You can also stop wasting your time on marketing efforts that just don't work.

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