Influencer Marketing Agency or Platform: What’s Right for You?

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You know what consumers want more than any specific product or service? Authenticity. They want real. Influencers have just that with your target audience… influence. They’re not brand evangelists or advocates; they’re real people who have sway with their peers because they are trustworthy and authentic. They’re also powerful people to have in your corner! So, what’s the best way to leverage this opportunity: an influencer marketing agency or platform?

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Influencer Marketing Platform vs. Agency: What’s the Difference?

First, let’s rewind: influencer marketing is huge. It’s poised to become a $5-10 billion (with a B) industry. While influencers can help brands improve their image with consumers and boost sales, competition for these credible individuals is fierce.

An influencer marketing platform is a software solution that helps you identify key influencers, nurture those relationships, manage campaign content, gather demographic data, and track success.

An influencer marketing agency develops and executes marketing campaigns centered around influencers. They can do what the software does, as well as manage numerous campaigns with different targets/goals.

A solid agency will have connections in this space and can target selected individuals who can help you achieve brand-building goals. These professionals also deliver on the creative, campaign, and reporting fronts, ensuring you have to spend far less time on the nuts and bolts.

Which influencer marketing method is best for your brand?

An influencer marketing agency delivers a number of benefits. They can:

  • Create and maintain close connections with both brands and influencers.
  • Connect you with influencers relevant to your market/audience.
  • Determine the most advantageous social channels for your campaigns.
  • Negotiate fees, rates, and contracts.
  • Save you time you would spend scouring for influencers, forging relationships, and getting down to the nitty gritty of the deal.

An influencer marketing platform also has benefits. They:

  • Are more manual. You’ll have to tackle many aspects yourself, but this also allows you to learn more about influencer marketing first-hand.
  • Offer the opportunity for more one-on-one meetings/interactions with influencers.
  • May offer a dedicated account manager to help with influencer identification and other aspects of the process. (This usually depends on how much you spend though.)
  • Can save money - though they do not save you time.
  • May be better suited for small or one-off campaigns. If you get into compliance, regulations, and other complex territory, an agency is a better bet.

If you’re weighing an influencer marketing platform against an influencer marketing agency, big questions to ask are: how much time and energy do we have to devote to this? How much expertise do we have in this space? Do we want to oversee every detail, or can we entrust this to a third-party with resources and experience in this space?

It’s your call. If you need help, contact THAT Agency.

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