How to Improve Google Search Ranking

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Improving Google Search ranking is important for a business. If you want business, you want your website to be on top. Why? Because the top of the search engine results is the first place people look. They are not taking the time to search through pages two and three. They are looking at page one results.

However, page one results are what every business is trying to achieve. There will always be some competition when working on improving Google Search ranking, so keep this in mind. The higher the prize, the higher the competition. While page one results are not unachievable, you certainly should enter the world of organic search engine optimization (SEO) with some expectations - and a solid strategy.

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6 Tips for Improving Google Search Ranking


  1. Invest in SEO Services

SEO is a competition, and it is a big competition. Thus, improving Google Search ranking takes time and quite a bit of effort, sometimes more than others. Consider investing in SEO services provided by an experienced, professional SEO company like THAT Agency.

  1. Go HyperLocal

If you live in a very large city or area, the competitive nature of SEO could mean that it will be harder for you to target broad, location-based keywords than if you are in smaller towns. Because of this, targeting some of the subdivisions of that city is not a bad idea. These areas need your products and services, and these keywords probably have less competition, which is great for local businesses.

But what about e-commerce, where you want to rank nationwide? Ranking organically on page one is certainly going to get you the most web traffic - but depending on your competition, it can be a lofty goal. It depends on who you gear your content towards and what keywords you choose to target. It can be done, and is done so all the time. You just need to size up your competition and get to work. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start seeing results. 

  1. Publish High-Quality Content

Ensure that your website publishes plenty of high-quality content. When you put this into practice, you can win rankings over your competition. If your content is good enough, you might even become the leader of the pack.

You should have content on your website that is relevant to what your audience would like to know. Don't just explain how to use your products and services. Explain how using your products and services is beneficial to your target audience. How do your offerings solve problems and/or make life better (e.g., save time, money, headache, etc.)?

  1. Optimize Your Content & HTML SOURCE CODE

Be sure that your web pages are optimized to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in the organic search engine results. This is called on-page optimization and can include everything from the strategic use of keywords to the proper structuring of URLs and inclusion of image alt text. This SEO checklist for blog posts is an excellent resource for on-page optimization:

SEO Checklist for Blog Posts | Free Download | THAT Agency

  1. Look at What Your Competition Is Doing

Yes, it's ok to spy on what is working for others. Companies that provide SEO services do this all the time. Take notes on everything from page-loading speeds to what type of schema is on their pages. Do they post long-form blog articles or is their blog content shorter? Are they including images, infographics, and/or videos? Replicating what works and doing just a little bit better than the next guy is a big part of the SEO game.

  1. Optimize Off-Site

Once you think you have your on-page SEO perfected, it's time to take a look off-site. This is called off-page optimization and can include things such as backlinks, citations, directories, social profiles... almost anything that is not physically ON your website. Companies that provide SEO services typically work to improve on-page and off-page optimization at the same time to create that perfect storm to propel a website up in Google Search ranking.

In Conclusion

Everything you do while doing SEO services to a website will take time to show up. So be patient, make tweaks here and there, and let things settle to see where the dust lands. And, when in doubt, refer back to #1 - invest in SEO services (preferably provided by an experienced, professional SEO company like THAT Agency).

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