Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance with Dynamic Creative

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For as long as I have been a marketer, I have observed people compulsively test different social advertising tactics at the cost of campaign results. While testing is a crucial part of any campaign, running tests with multiple ads is only valuable if you can accurately measure your results. With Facebook Dynamic Creative, social advertisers can now test multiple creative elements in a Facebook Ad campaign to see how they perform against a specific audience. This allows you to improve your Facebook Ad performance and continually optimize your efforts. How does Facebook Dynamic Creative work?

Dynamic creative essentially takes multiple different creative assets and automatically creates a series of ad variations that are served across the chosen Facebook Ad Placements. You can upload up to 10 images or videos, 5 different headlines, 5 different ad text variations, 5 ad titles, 5 link descriptions and up to 5 different CTAs to see what mix of ads perform the best. The costly days of A/B testing are slowly fading away with this new option. The best part is that Facebook’s system will automatically optimize against your objective to ensure the best performing ad mix gets used the most. Pretty nifty!

To use Dynamic Creative, you will want to navigate to the Ad Set level of your next Facebook Ad campaign and flip the switch in the “Dynamic Creative” section.

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Once you flip this switch, navigate to the Ad level of your campaign and you will see a little button allowing you to add fields near the text elements of your ad. That’s where you will start testing your variations!

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 We have been testing Dynamic Creative with different clients and it is giving us a clear picture of what creative is (and isn’t) resonating with our audience. We highly recommend giving this feature a spin to see how you can improve your Facebook Ad performance with Dynamic Creative!

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