How to Utilize AI Content Creation in Your Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new concept by any means, and while it’s long been the subject of science fiction speculation, we are starting to see some tangible and realistic benefits come to fruition in our everyday lives. The most recent notable and newsworthy innovation has been Open AI’s Chat GPT beta version. Causing headaches for teachers over the past few months, Chat GPT can write a semi-decent book report, essay, or term paper. While far from perfect, this tool is more impressive than its predecessors for a few reasons. In this article, we are going to look into some of the pros and cons of AI content creation, and how you should utilize it in your marketing strategy

Pros of AI Content Creation

First of all, copywriting is both an art and a science. The science behind strategic content creation is largely driven by Search Engine Optimization, and the art is in the style, effectiveness of communication, and ability to hold a human reader’s attention. AI content creation leans heavily into the science aspect. This can be a great starting point. You can ask an AI content generator to churn out 600 words about a specific kind of service that your business offers, and you can request that it includes, or features, a keyword or key phrase. 

Churning out SEO-friendly copy can be tricky, and that’s why so many small to medium businesses outsource this aspect of their content marketing strategy. So, when it comes to producing something–to getting a starting point–AI can give you a framework to work from. The best way to think about these AI-produced articles would be as a block of clay that you (as the expert in your field or business) can then sculpt into a helpful piece that is relevant to what your potential client or customers are searching for. 

So, as AI content creation gets its feet under it, we recommend not leaning too heavily on it as a pure, unedited, form of copywriting. What you can do, is use it as a writing prompt generator. It can spark some good ideas for you to then expand on. There are plenty of industries that have other aspects of their business that can utilize AI, and those are also worth exploring. But for content creation, if nothing else, AI is fun to play around with.

Cons of AI Content Creation

One of the main cons of Chat GPT specifically is that it is free. But, wouldn’t that be a pro? It should be, but since the beta version is open to everyone, and is experiencing such a consistently high volume, it has actually been unavailable for use quite a bit, which makes it unreliable as a copywriting tool. Now, there are other AI content generators out there, but many of them are either: not free, not very good, or a combination of both.

But the largest potential con of generating all of your content with AI–and not editing it significantly yourself–is that eventually, the search engine algorithms are likely to catch up and the chickens will come home to roost. We are already seeing this in the aforementioned example of students using generators to write papers for them. There are tools being invented/created simultaneously to detect copy that was written by AI. So, in this example, teachers will be able to check if a student has outsourced their work to an AI generator. AND, they will potentially be able to go back to previously submitted assignments and see if those were likely written by an AI tool. 

So, replace the teacher in that scenario with Google, and that’s how you can potentially get your business’s website in trouble with Google’s rankings at some point down the line, which could lead to your traffic being significantly affected. 

How to Properly Utilize AI

At the end of the day, we recommend playing around with some of these AI tools to, if nothing else, use them as a place to bounce ideas off of or spark new ones. But when it comes to generating full-length blog posts or service page copy, we still recommend leaving that to a professional. If you are looking for help with your content marketing efforts in 2023, then reach out to us! We know how to get the most out of AI and how to write content that is going to engage your prospective clients and drive traffic to your website. Submit a request for a proposal on our website, and we’ll take a look at and audit your current website for free.

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